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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-164 Chapter

Chapter 164

164,1. When Ohlad had prayed with his face on the ground in front of the altar for an hour, a voice called out from the white cloud pillar:

164,2. »Ohlad! I have looked at you! - Rise up, and stand upright, so that I come to you and anoint you with the oil of My love and mercy and gird you with My wisdom as testimony of the covenant which these people had made with Me, but did not upheld, but has shamefully broken and forgot all My blessings and My mercies!

164,3. I want to place you as the right king over these people and the laws that you will give to the people are also substantiated by Me! Thus rise!"

164,4. Here, Ohlad rose full amazement at this wonderful call and immediately asked the ten: "Who of you has clearly in the name of the Lord spoken to me?!

164,5. Or is one of you the Lord Himself? O show it to me, how things stand regarding this wonderful matter! Because the voice that spoke to me was more sublime than the voice of any man; I think it is the voice of God, or at least someone who is completely fulfilled with the spirit of God!

164,6. O, therefore speak, you powerful friends of God, and tell me, who has spoken these so sacred words to me, the most unworthy!"

164,7. And one of the ten spoke to Ohlad: "O man, what do you ask? What is it you want to know? Look, the Lord is standing next to you! The voice of God has spoken to you; the Father has called you! What do you still want from us?!

164,8. If you can recognize the voice of God from the voice of a man, how can you ask us, while the Lord is coming to you and wants to anoint you as an authoritative testimony of the great unfaithfulness of all the people against Him?!

164,9. Who has called you, to Him answer at once, and do not seek Him among us who are only humans like you; for the Lord Himself will anoint you with His own hand and not by ours! So please turn to the Lord! Amen."

164,10. Here, Ohlad, full of reverence, turned around and looked where the Lord was.

164,11. And the Lord said again to Ohlad: "Ohlad, come behind the cloud pillar and you will see Him who has spoken to you; because I, your God, your Lord and your Father is waiting here for you for quite some time! Therefore, come and convince yourself that it is I who has called you, and who now speaks to you: Come and see!"

164,12. Overwhelmed by the greatest reverence and love, Ohlad went immediately behind the white cloud and found, to his greatest amazement, his own being just like a so-called double.

164,13. And this his perfect likeness looked him firmly in the eyes and did not move from the spot.

164,14. This phenomenon overpowered Ohlad and he began to become afraid.

164,15. But the likeness said: “Do not be afraid, Ohlad; for it is Me, your Lord and your God and your Father!

164,16. Do not be surprised by our fullest similarity; for I have created you according to My likeness. Therefore, do not be surprised about it, what was already founded in my order from eternity!"

164,17. These words calmed Ohlad again, and he became attentive and asked the Lord in his own image that He should talk to him and make known to him His most holy will.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-164 Chapter