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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-165 Chapter

Chapter 165

165,1. After these words Ohlad really recovered and began to comprehend in depth, from where the great similarity between him and the Lord originated and also mustered enough courage to be able to ask and respond to the Lord.

165,2. He therefore asked, of course with the greatest reverence and in deepest humility, the Lord: "O Lord, You the Almighty! You have said to me that I should become a right king for the people in Your name, thus also a lord! Since who has the right to give sacred laws which every human being must strictly abide, is evidently a lord!

165,3. But I'm just a human being just like any other person from the people and only You alone are the Lord! How should I become a lord next to You for those who You created and who got their lives, including me, from You?!

165,4. O Lord, spare me, the most unworthy before you, this dignity! Let me rather withdraw to the meanest citizen status; for I have indeed most unjustifiable enjoyed the glory for forty years and have until now fully convinced myself of how difficult it is to remain a ruler for the people as a brother and how hard it is to withdraw from the people’s honorings which belong only to You, o Lord.

165,5. Even if I give everything by myself back to You, O Lord, in my heart, it still seems to me on the other hand to be impossible, to bring about, that the people should never honor the king but always only You, O Lord.

165,6. But I realize now that You are alone worthy to receive of all honor, all laud, all praise, all the glory, all the love and adoration from us people. Therefore, I would like to ask You, O Lord, if it would be Your most holy will to grant this office which makes my whole soul shiver, to someone much worthier and much stronger and let me most graciously withdraw to the very lowest degree!"

165,7. And the Lord came closer to Ohlad and said to him: "Ohlad, only now do I recognize you as My son and approaching you as a Father!

165,8. But if I, your Father, am a Lord from eternity, how can you, now My son, want to remain a slave and a servant? Or does the people on earth not honor the parents at the same time, if they pay respect to their children?!

165,9. Thus is also the Father of eternity honored in his true children; because the right children do not retain for themselves what belongs only to the Father. And the Father puts His greatest honor in His children; because only in the children and by the children is the Father honored.

165,10. Thus, if I as your eternal Father, make you, My son, a king and give you the legislative power, you do not represent yourself but only Me, your Father.

165,11. However, just as I do not demand a vain honor for Me, but in all love only compliance of My will, and say: 'Who does My will for the love of Me, it is him, who honors Me in the spirit and in truth! Thus I equally say:

165,12. 'Whoever does the will of him whom I have set up, and listens to him with his heart, listens and honors Me; for I choose and anoint only my children and they are completely one with the Father, which is Me!'

165,13. Therefore, let yourself anoint to be king over all the people in the depth; for whom I anoint to be king, is righteous, - because I know why I am doing this!"

165,14. Here the Lord laid His hand upon the head of Ohlad and led him to the altar where the ten were standing.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-165 Chapter