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Chapter 166

166,1. Arriving at the foreground of the altar where the ten were standing, the Lord said to one of the ten: “Go outside; at the gate of the courtyard you will meet a man! He has a gourd flask full of oil. Let him proffer it to you and bring it here so that I can anoint Ohlad naturally as well as spiritually to be king over all the people in the depths and to also anoint you to become his ministers and councilors and as custodians of the fire power from Me; because now you should not move back to the heights anymore since the people have turned to Me again! Thus go and bring Me the oil!"

166,2. And he went and found at the gate the designated person with the gourd flask full of luscious nard oil.

166,3. And the messenger said to the owner of the oil: "The Lord, the almighty God of heaven and earth has indicated that you have a bottle of luscious anointing oil with you! But precisely this God wants you to hand me the oil at once, so that I can carry it into the temple and that God, the Lord Himself, can personally anoint the former councilor Ohlad as king over all the people."

166,4. And the oil’s owner immediately handed over the oil and said to the messenger with the highest reverence: "O great ruler over all the fire in and on the earth and in the air! I have dreamed it in the night that someone in very bright flames came to me and said: 'Do not forget your flask of oil tomorrow, if driven by great fear, you will go to the temple of God; for He, to whom the temple is designated, will ask for the oil from you through me!' And therefore I have taken the oil with me; and behold, now my vision is being fulfilled!

166,5. To God, the Almighty, whose name is most sacredly written in this temple, all my praise, all my love and adoration for this infinite grace and mercy which He bestowed on me, a poorest sinner, by so graciously making use of my oil!"

166,6. Here, the oil owner fell on his face and worshiped God with the greatest contrition of his heart.

166,7. But the messenger at once returned with the oil back into the temple and handed it over to the Lord with the greatest love and respect.

166,8. And the Lord took the oil and anointed the head of Ohlad. And when he had anointed the head of Ohlad He said to him: "Now you are a true king of your God’s, your Lord’s and your Father's grace! Receive now also My spirit and lead with the help of these ten whom I will now also anoint as ministers, the people in My name!

166,9. If you ever need a higher council, then come here where I've anointed you, and you will always obtain the higher council!

166,10. But now we want to step outside and present to all the people the newly anointed king! So be it!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-166 Chapter