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Chapter 167

167,1. But the outer firestorm doubled in its intensity and the earth shook so violently around the temple that the people were barely able to stand upright, while the Lord in the temple anointed Ohlad and the ten messengers.

167,2. And the people began to lose heart, since they believed that the earth would swallow them alive and God would not come and rescue anyone because He had become too full of wrath and indignation for the many misdeeds that have been committed in and around of Hanoch.

167,3. But precisely in the most gruesome moment when the earth even started to shear around the forecourt of the temple and from the cracks tower high fire columns shot up into the air with the most appalling din and the pavement of the court here and there began to steam and at places even turning hot, the Lord stepped with the newly anointed king Ohlad, accompanied by the ten messengers, out of the temple.

167,4. However, the people did not know the Lord but only the ten messengers and Ohlad; therefore they fell to the ground before the ten and screamed loudly, that they should ask God for mercy on behalf of them.

167,5. But the ten said: "Is God then not also your, like our Father? Thus turn to the Father and He will give you grace, if you are worthy of it!

167,6. But we are just like you and have no prerogative to God before you and do not have a higher standing than you are; therefore we can not listen to your request and act accordingly, because thereby we would arrogate divine attributes to ourselves and would become even greater sinners before God, than there are the father-, mother- and brother murderers!

167,7. But here is the king Ohlad who have been anointed by the Lord Himself! Talk to him and he will show you the way to the Father, who alone can and will show you mercy, if you in your heart earnestly repenting your sins, turn to Him!"

167,8. Here, the suppliants approached Ohlad and in a despaired manner asked him to show them the way to God, the Lord and Father.

167,9. But Ohlad turned to the Lord and said: "Oh, Father, reveal Yourself to the people, so that the honor does not fall on me, as if I could do more than the people regarding Your most holy will!"

167,10. Only then did the Lord stepped forward, picked up His almighty hand and said: "Earth, you should be silent now, when I talk to My children! Retreat all monstrosities, and you, sun, let your rays again fall unclouded onto the earth’s floor! Amen.

167,11. When the Lord had spoken these words, all storms on and above the earth suddenly stopped. No cloud was to be seen all over the firmament and no mountains were burning anywhere anymore.

167,12. And all the people suddenly fell down and glorified and praised God for this rescue; because this sudden utter annihilation of the storm was a too great miraculous phenomenon for all the people, and it was impossible for them to think otherwise, than to recognize the power and love and grace of God.

167,13. But what happened next, the following will show.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-167 Chapter