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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-168 Chapter

Chapter 168 - God's speech to His gathered children. God's love and patience for the people. About the relationship of the people to the king.

168,1. "Children", the Lord said to the people, "come here and be not afraid of Me, your eternal Father, for I have stricken you, not to judge you, but to bestow My grace and mercy upon you!

168,2. But this time it has cost a lot! Through fire the Father had to pave a way for Himself to your hearts, and he had to wound the earth in many places in order to reach the barely living intestines, in order to aid the completely atrophied spirit with a new breath of life out of Me, your God and Father!

168,3. Trough great mortal fear in you I had to collect your completely dispersed soul. I needed to entirely remodel it, so that it was suitable again to pertain to the life of the spirit out of Me, and allow itself to be led by the gentle force thereof!

168,4. Verily, you have given Me a great deal of work! Your ever-growing sins have put My patience and forbearance to a strong test! It would not have taken much more for my otherwise mighty thread of patience to be sheared in half, because the great and heavy burden of your sins have thinned and weakened it extensively!

168,5. But My love spun a new thread at once; through which I reconnected Myself with you anew and have awakened and anointed a new king for you; a king who will guide you in My ways, for they are invariably straight and level.

168,6. You and all the people of the depths have to strictly obey this king, in everything he commands. He will give you laws which you need to obey. Whoever will oppose these laws will be punished immediately, in accordance with the holiness of the law itself.

168,7. This is My will! But from now on I will give you kings successively; they will all be good kings, if you will remain in My love, - but they may turn out to be tyrants as well, if you turn your hearts away from Me! Remember this well!

168,8. But if you will turn against the kings, against the leaders and guides, then you will rebel against Me as well, and the Father will transform and convert Himself into a judge, and he will bestow judgement upon all of you, and its name shall reach the end of all times of this earth!

168,9. However, if you should become dissatisfied with a king, then turn to Me, and I will ensure that you will receive the right king! However, if you start to anoint your own kings, I will withdraw my care from you, surrendering you to all the tyranny of the king you have chosen!

168,10. You now know My will from My visible mouth. Act accordingly and it will go well with you on earth; I will not let you fall; however, if you won't act accordingly, the judgement will remain inevitable! Amen."

168,11. After these words the Lord asked the people to disperse; he put the former oil dispenser in charge of guarding the temple, and then, with the king and the other ten individuals, he went to the mountain where the other temple stood.

168,12. To be continued!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-168 Chapter