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Chapter 169

169,1. On the mountain where the temple stood, the Lord spoke to Ohlad:

169,2. "Behold, here I anointed Lamech with wisdom as a priest entirely, that is why he, out of great love for Me, has built this temple and consecrated it according to My will to praise the wisdom which he received from Me!

169,3. I therefore remind you about it, so that you inwardly may livingly become aware it, in what spiritual sense this temple is standing here and what you and everyone else should do and look for in it!

169,4. It is so that every man has a living temple of wisdom in himself! If he has given Me the praise of wisdom in it, he can do without this temple.

169,5. But I nevertheless have also built an external, visible temple as a memorial to the inner, living temple, so that every person who enters this temple, is reminded that I am the only Lord, and alone have all the power, in and above all heavens and also on, in and under the earth!

169,6. Had the people of the depths been equal to My of course much fewer true children on the heights, they would not require a visible temple! But they are as coarse as this external matter from which this temple is made; therefore, they must also have a coarse sensuous sign and must bump against this outer, hard matter and shatter their own, so that their inner spirit can become free, and they can then enter from this coarse, outer, dead temple into the inner, living, temple, if they seriously want to!

169,7. And in this sense, I also hand over to you this temple! Teach the people to enter in this sense this temple and to search in it for the true, inner, living temple and to find it, - then you and anyone who will seriously follow such your teachings, will receive the true, inner, living wisdom from Me!

169,8. But who will come to this temple prompted by a certain habit to appease his foolish conscience, would be doing better if he stays outside; because who does not bump on this temple and does not shatter his own matter, will not find any life of the spirit and its wisdom in it, but rather the judgement of his spirit in matter and through this death.

169,9. These things I have made known to you in the presence of your ministers and My servants, and as such we now want to open again this temple by entering it in this sense! Amen."

169,10. Here the Lord, Ohlad and the ten went into the temple. The Lord blessed them all and the temple and then said:

169,11. "Now the old order has been restored! Be alert and be active in My name; convert the people, and My love, grace and mercy will be your reward forever! Amen."

169,12. Thereupon the Lord disappeared and Ohlad was filled with the spirit and went with his new ministers to the old royal castle of Lamech.

169,13. But what happened next, the following will show.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-169 Chapter