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Chapter 170

170,1. Arriving at the old castle of Lamech, he immediately showed the ten ministers their homes and then went with the ten to the new big, golden residence of the former thousand councilors to give the still remaining ninety-nine councilors the consilium abeundi (recommendation to leave), if they do not wanted to observe the divine laws.

170,2. Ohlad, whom the ninety-nine regarded lost, just then, accompanied by the ten, stepped into the large council chamber, when the still remaining ninety-nine were gathered around their puppet king and discussed among themselves, whether they should fill the council of the thousand again or not. Or should they remain with the one hundred and only fill the position of Ohlad with a man from the people? Or should they just remain at their current number?

170,3. But the sudden appearance of Ohlad in the midst of the ten horror men, caused the ninety-nine councilors along with their puppet king the greatest embarrassment and no little anxiety on the side.

170,4. They therefore immediately cut off their discussion, rose from their seats and initially received Ohlad and the ten with the highest apparent kindness - but nevertheless asked them with a very inquisitive spirit, how his good but highly risky undertaking on the side of such unheard of elementary calamities went and what will be the consequence.

170,5. But Ohlad said: "Here are now My ministers! They will give you the right answer!"

170,6. When the ninety-nine heard such words from the mouth of Ohlad, they already knew about how the matter would proceed and one of them said something a little funny:

170,7. "If the ten are your ministers, we already have the answer and it confirms my old principle that luck always chooses the dumbest individuals and let the wise sit!

170,8. For your undertaking with the reopening of the temples is so foolhardy, that a truly wise man should not waste a single word about it!

170,9. But that you, like a blind hen, has managed to get away unskinned and at the same time made the ten fire tigers like a wobbling ass, your friends, that belongs in the annals of the world under the heading written with golden characters: ‘Highest culmination of a donkey’s luck!'

170,10. That you, as generally accepted, was among us the stupidest councilor, will hopefully not be unknown to you, and indeed for the very reason, because you and this our current puppet king, who, just like you, did not invented gold making, have drawn lots for this dignity; because it was agreed that the most stupid should be king!

170,11. In short, what the lot failed to give you then, you now obtained with your donkey skin! You are king and the ten fire-eaters are your ministers! In winter they obviously will provide you with an excellent service! But that we will not remain here under your kingship, goes without saying!"

170,12. And Ohlad said: "Yes, you will leave with a hiding; But before that you will receive a few laws from me for your journey! They will have to be observed strictly everywhere, - failing to do so implies that God, the Lord will punish you with flaming rods!

170,13. See, also this belongs to the luck of a donkey that the Lord is a flogger on my side for every transgressor of my laws at every moment!

170,14. And thus get ready to receive my laws! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-170 Chapter