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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-172 Chapter

Chapter 172

172,1. After this objection by Ohlad the speaker of the ninety-nine really gathered his wits and addressed the following very serious words to Ohlad and at the same time to the ten ministers:

172,2. "What are you talking here about haughtiness and a mutinous attitude? Do you see me than as an impostor and a shameful liar and as a coward who should tremble before you, like the leaves of poplars before a storm? Oh, there you're mightily mistaken!

172,3. Do you think I'm going out to call together, with the help of my brothers, an army, and will then move here with the same and drive you from your by God backed throne? - Oh, I tell you that, you have nothing in the world to fear less than that!

172,4. Do you think I don’t know how the spirit of the deity has visibly anointed you in the temple as king and gave you these ten fire men as invincible ministers?

172,5. Do you think that all the firestorm scenes caused by these ten, has escaped me? - O, not at all; for I have watched you very closely through my servants!

172,6. Therefore I know now what I have to do! Or do you seriously take me for so stupid that I want to get involved in a fight with them who command all the elements and even crusade against the old omnipotence of God?

172,7. O you gross fool! Appeal first to Him who anointed you to become king, to enlighten your brain, so that you can recognize the people who are your brothers, that they are still your free brothers, although you now sit on the throne above them!

172,8. God has given every human being reason, the mind and next to it a free will and with these three pieces at the same time three major laws; namely: through reason man should hear all good and truth, through the mind he should arrange what he had heard and recognize what is pure, and by the free will that he chooses the very pure freely, hold on to it and becomes active accordingly.

172,9. Is it not so?! Isn’t that the divine order, why God created man and endowed him with these three highest laws so that he can become active accordingly?!

172,10. But am I doing something else?! Do I not act according to these divine principles ?! Don’t I act according to the divine order, if I act in accordance with those refined three principles, thus purely rational, perfectly rationally and voluntarily out of me and does not allow myself to be confined by any other law, because I recognize the primordial divine in me and regard it as higher than any man-made law, which is already no longer pure for a person who wants to enforce a law on a well-educated other man, can only do so because he regards the pure divine in his brother as nothing, what is the case now with you against us!

172,11. You warned me about arrogance and mutiny; but I ask you: Which one of us is now more arrogant and who is the mutineer?!

172,12. You want to subjugate us under your scepter, want to burden us with laws?! Are you then not a mutineer against the holy divine rights in the chest of every educated person and not arrogant, if you want to subjugate us under your scepter?!

172,13. Therefore go and ask God to enlighten you about the three basic laws in you; only then come and judge whether ours are not of the same origin than those of you!

172,14. First learn to respect the divine in your brothers and only then judge if they require in addition to the divine living laws also your dead ones!

172,15. Such understand to your distress, I have spoken to you in the name of all!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-172 Chapter