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Chapter 173

173,1. When Ohlad heard such a speech from the speaker of the ninety-nine, he turned to his ministers and asked them what to do with these stubborn oppugnantes. Should one let him and his companions move out without the divine duty-teaching, or should one force him with fire power to listen to the extremely well-intentioned duty-teaching?

173,2. And the ten Ministers said unanimously: "You know, where the Lord uses violence, He has judged already! Should we now do this in His name, He would have specifically authorized us to carry out His will! But we all have to rely on patience and stay with it until the Father will tell us otherwise.

173,3. Give good for evil, be subtle for coarseness, honey for gall, oil for vinegar, gold for salt, precious stones for clay, and it will soon show what should be done with these strong opponents! Attack them with their own weapons and you will defeat them quickly and easily!"

173,4. And Ohlad said: "You're right, that would be the safest way but for that I would need a better tongue! I hear in me lucid and clear what I have to reply to these tongue heroes, - but since I have practiced myself too little, to speak from the inside to the outside, it's a bit difficult for me. But you have already attained the greatest skill in it; Therefore, I beg you, dearest brother, say in my place a dignified word which surely will bring these stiff-necks to bow shortly!"

173,5. And the key speaker of the ten at once conceded to the request from Ohlad, took the word and addressed the following words to the ninety-nine, saying:

173,6. "Hear, you mighty representative of your comrades! Why are you resisting so much the adoption of a teaching from someone you know was anointed in the temple by the spirit of God Himself to be king?

173,7. You know quite well the power we have obtained from God, and we on the other hand are perfectly confident in us, that you're not ever able to oppose us by whatever power you might have, and therefore it is not at all necessary for us to be afraid of you in the least; for the power and the scourge the Lord has placed in our hands, and thus, even with the help of the whole earth, you cannot cause us any harm!

173,8. But we, as your brothers, do not intend to chastise you in any way but to give you a teaching for your journey, according to which you only can become very happy, but never unhappy. This we also vouch with all our God-given power.

173,9. Tell us now - do you under such condition still not want to adopt a teaching as a norm of life from us?"

173,10. And the orator of the ninety-nine said: "Yes, under such condition, we accept every doctrine as your free brothers; but we will not be made slaves, not even by God Himself through sanctioned laws! He rather should let us burn together with the whole world!

173,11. And as such we are always ready to listen to a good and wise teaching from you and also to adopt, if we like it!

173,12. And so you may speak; but understand it well: without sanctions!”

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-173 Chapter