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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-174 Chapter

Chapter 174

174,1. Thereupon the speaker of the ten turned to Ohlad again and said to him: "Well, brother, you can go now and make the Lord’s will known to the ninety-nine; they'll hear you now!

174,2. But not a word about sanctions; for the revealed divine will, which goes forth from the eternal order of God, is sanctioned by itself! Do you understand?

174,3. Anyway, a law to which sanctions must be added, is for that very reason already bad, reprehensible, unacceptable and empty, because it does not carry the sanction in itself as a natural consequence of its transgression. And it is such empty laws which these heroes fear most and rightly so; for such laws always turn people into true slaves.

174,4. But those laws from above of the eternal, divine order, these heroes do not fear; for they do not know that these laws already from eternity carry the sanctions in itself, just as every human being carries a punitive spirit in his conscience in himself.

174,5. Therefore go now and make known to them the will of God, and thereby they receive the leader as well as the judge under one skin at the same time; thus do it!"

174,6. These words Ohlad understood quite well, and he forthwith went to the ninety-nine and directed the following words to the key speaker of the ninety-nine:

174,7. "Since I have received through my minister your consent, according to which you will listen to me, I therefore want to open my mouth in front of you in the name of the Lord of heaven and earth and want to proclaim to you with a very few words what the Lord requires from you, and what you all need for your temporary as well as one day for your everlasting well-being. And therefore I ask you as your brother, that you will listen to me patiently and calmly!

174,8. Thus, this is the divine will to me, to you and to every human being: 'Recognize and love God above all, but all your brothers and sisters as your own life; avoid the unnecessary pleasures of the flesh and realize that there is only one Lord, but we humans are all brothers among ourselves, - and so you will be righteous and pure before God and all the world, wherever you will be, and the Lord will bless you and lead you towards your eternal happiness!'

174,9. This is the pure, divine order, in which alone all things can be thought to exist; but without it there is forever no existence of any being! - Now you have it all!

174,10. Do you want to move away or remain here, that's the same to me; only that you have to accept that you yourselves have to produce your own bread so that the citizens can be freed from a heavy load.

174,11. By the way, I'm not going to put a lock on the hearts of the citizens and also not to mine!

174,12. But I will try to limit as much as possible the needs for me and my ten ministers and to ease the life of the citizens as much as I can.

174,13. Do likewise, and you can stay and inhabit this castle!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-174 Chapter