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Chapter 175

175,1. When the ninety-nine had heard this from Ohlad, their key speaker rose again and said to Ohlad: "Basically you are not wrong - of course only then, if you look at it more superficially; but if you probe it more deeply, you just have told us the most contradictable nonsense of the world!

175,2. So that you can see that I, on behalf of my brothers, did not have just counterposed you with a mean intended sentence, I will explain it to you properly! If you can refute it, we all will instantly accept every law from you; but if you most certainly can’t, we will leave and you can keep your teaching, including this golden palace as a present! And thus hear me out good-naturedly:

175,3. With regard to your recommended recognition of God, I say to you nothing else than that: Try to put a whole mountain at one time in your mouth and then swallow it with one gulp! - Do you think that this is possible for you?

175,4. Or scoop the whole sea and all the large rivers into a small vessel! - Do you think you can do this?

175,5. Now imagine the infinite large, eternal God in Himself and His endless large and countless many works and then add yourself as a dusted, most tight restricted and limited worm to it! Tell me, how do you want to go about it with the acknowledgment of the eternal, infinite God?!

175,6. Will His endless everything have sufficient space in your utter nothingness before Him? Or can you gloat with the knowledge of God, if you at the most know of Him what I know?!

175,7. Or do you believe to have seen the whole God, if He by an externally functioning spirit, thus only through a minutest ray of power out of Him, has presented Himself to you visually?!

175,8. O see, how foolish you still have to be, if you believe this!

175,9. Verily, I regard him as the most arrogant and biggest fool in the world who wants to boast of - either by his actions or his words - that he strives to either get to know God, or that he recognized Him already - what appears to be strongly the case with you, since you have recommended the recognition of God in the very beginning, as if you were - God knows how much - convinced already of the advantages!

175,10. You hopefully will realize this nonsense, which nevertheless one can listen to!

175,11. But where do we stand with 'Love God above all!'? - Brother, friend! If I only could lend you my head with my pretty much bright mind, you would cringe before your stupidity!

175,12. See, what we call love, is the real life-force of man! The stronger his love, the stronger is his life! In old people love decreases and in the same relationship also his life. Death is the end of love and thus also the end of life; which teaches us the daily experience.

175,13. But tell me, for how much of this life-force is there space in you? Behold, certainly not more than how much your volume allows it to be; for outside of himself no man has ever lived!

175,14. With this life-force or love you can absorb perhaps relatives and beings of equal size to you. For one to ten women it will probably be sufficient for some years - but for hundreds or thousands with a united force not one hour! Completely exhausted you will be collapsing and be extinguished in your folly entirely!

175,15. From this it is clear that man can only love so much, as there is his volume. Anyone who wants to love more is like someone who, to become wise, engages in all branches of knowledge and at the end only knows insignificant little of everything but nothing on the whole and therefore is a completely useless individual!

175,16. But you demand that we should love the infinite God - and on top of it, above all!

175,17. But with what and how, I ask you. Are you able to illuminate and warm the whole earth at night with a torch in your hand? - No, you says your experience.

175,18. But how do you want to push the whole, endless deity into your chest and then warm and illuminate it (the deity) and in the end even expand your love beyond it?!

175,19. If you only have the mind the size of an atom, you have to see the folly at first sight indeed, which you have imposed on us!

175,20. I ask you therefore, that you take to heart this my clear objection and thereafter arranges other dispositions for us; because you should not make us your fools.”

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-175 Chapter