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Chapter 176

176,1. When Ohlad heard the speech of the key speaker of the ninety-nine, he did not know how to reply to it; at the same time he was by nature also one of those persons who are not able to utter a single word when experiencing a little emotional anger, and thus it was even more difficult for him to give the very critical opponent a thorough response.

176,2. But the ten noted the fairly strong embarrassment of Ohlad; therefore they went unto him, and one of them said to him: "Ohlad, do not be angry in vain; for behold, these are stock blind people in front of us, who do not even have sufficient light to distinguish the most darkest night night from the brightest day! It is thus a complete waste of time to say anything more to them!

176,3. People who brought it so far with their reason and with their minds, that they want to penn in bags the free spirit and its love, which is its essence and is purely out of God, are no longer capable for higher instruction.

176,4. For they resemble the pupa which once cocooned in their own tissues, have thus cut themselves off from all higher light in-flows!

176,5. Even if these pupa would be enlivened in time and become beautiful butterflies, - what miserable picture would that be?! For it presents nothing else but an annoying number of all kinds of day-thieves, loafers and beauty-spirits, who put their ideas just like butterflies their eggs, in the young plants of the human race, from which very soon emerges a myriad of harmful caterpillars who very quickly gnaw and destroy all the wonderful living germations of the spiritual life!

176,6. Therefore, we now have to let these blindest people-like reason- and mind-pupas as soon as possible move away from here; because now the spirit’s eternal and living sun shines among us! Through its warmth these pupas will soon hatch and then lay their pernicious brood into our new plantings!

176,7. We will no longer exchange vain words with these people but will let them leave as soon as possible; and as their wind will turn them, thereto they shall go, - for every worm knows its herb which tastes good to it and which it then eats greedily!”

176,8. But the speaker of the ninety-nine said: "Yes, where people thus talk to people, they can not stay- and live together! They preach humility - and at the same time are haughtier than a peacock, once his tail is fully grown! Therefore, we move away and indeed, we will certainly find somewhere our herb!"

176,9. But the speaker of the ten said: "Yes, move away because here no herb grows for you no more!

176,10. People, to whom we have granted everything, if they just would have accepted our gentle law, are not fit for us, who know that God has arranged our hearts in the same manner as the eye, which indeed is a lot smaller than the visible creation but is nevertheless able to absorb and look at it! And as such it does not depend on the volume but only on the will of the life-carrying being!

176,11. Go now; since there is no place for you here! You are granted three days to collect your things; but not a moment longer!

176,12. Understand such and thus it will be done!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-176 Chapter