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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-177 Chapter

Chapter 177

177,1. These words brought a great soul change about in the ninety-nine; especially the parable of the eye compared with the heart, went like an electric spark through all their limbs, veins and viscera.

177,2. Therefore, the key speaker turned around and directed the following words to his brothers: "Listen to me, my brothers! The mighty messenger’s speech, who is now a prime minister of Ohlad, who God Himself has anointed to be king over us, has shown me my misperception.

177,3. I know now where we are actually with all our reason and all our intellect, and that is enough to realize that we in earnest are more than stone-blind for spiritual and divine insights!

177,4. For we are also at the same time stone-deaf and terribly conceited stupid! And thus it serves us completely right, that we are forced to leave this city rather disgracefully, in which we have played to be the lords for some time; and I deserve it the most since among you I was always the most stubborn oppugnant against everything purely spiritual and divine.

177,5. Who among us cannot remember the story where the councilors, who came to us as laborers from the heights and soon became construction managers for all our great buildings and in the end left us after exhorting us to God, the only almighty Lord of heaven and earth?!

177,6. But their glorious words struck no chord with us at all and especially with me it fell on deaf ears; we were letting both of these most important men to us go, rather than having accepted their gentle divine words!

177,7. With our reason and with our minds we always resisted the words that came in some way from God to us; thus we are no longer worth anything than to be driven out of this city!

177,8. But I know what I'll do; as an awakened, remorseful repentant I will leave! But you can do what you want; the almighty God's will with me and with you!"

177,9. After this speech, he again returned to Ohlad and the ten and asked them touchingly for forgiveness because of his stiff-neck behavior and thanked them for the lesson that had so aroused him, and wanted to go.

177,10. But Ohlad said to him: "Danel, I tell you: The way you are now, you should stay; for the Lord has accepted you by bestowing you with such grace and therefore you shall also be accepted by me!

177,11. Since I do not want to banish you as brothers, but only your stubbornness; but if you ban this out of you, then it is not necessary to flee together with your sins - for it is enough that you gave farewell to the sin!

177,12. But if one brother exiles another brother, he also banishes himself from his brother; but this is far from me!

177,13. So stay and seek that also the other brothers remain because we still have plenty to do!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-177 Chapter