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Chapter 178

178,1. Danel was overjoyed in his soul by the words of Ohlad and promised to do everything possible to also persuade the others to convert.

178,2. He then immediately turned to the other councilors and presented to them the grace of God as clear and best he could; and except for one, all followed the words of Danel.

178,3. The one, however, was none other than the puppet king. The desire to rule only now started to excite him when he became aware that this was the end of his rulership.

178,4. For as puppet king he enjoyed all kinds of ceremonial distinctions which he relished above all. But now he had to resign from everything! This was just too much for him!

178,5. He therefore began to contemplate how he could return to his lost dignity.

178,6. Danel noticed this quite well and was already loaded to throw some lightning flashes at the head of the puppet king; but one of the ten ministers stepped up towards Danel, saying:

178,7. "It is enough that you ninety-eight have returned to God; there is nothing much to a donkey anyway! After all, who wants to lead his brothers without any natural, moral and spiritual power, but wants to rule purely for the sake of a certain tickling haughtiness lechery, is a donkey, for he can not see that his brothers have long since already recognized this with him and therefore have put the crown of stupidity on his head.

178,8. Truly, floods of time will not change this man; for his stupidity stands as firm as a rock!

178,9. Smash the mountains, make the earth tremble as the foliage of the trees in the storm, darken the sun and let the stars of the heavens fall to the ground, - and this man will stand unshaken!

178,10. For the donkey does not fear the mighty tiger’s powerful paw and not its crushing tooth; because he knows like a prophet that the stronger beings had to be ashamed, if they wanted to harm him!

178,11. Because stupidity is even very much respected by the father of wickedness and falsehood and the donkey has nothing to fear of his malice! Since shame also squeezes the Satan; he therefore may never associate himself with donkeys!

178,12. Let him therefore remain on the throne where he can rule the flies and gnats between the walls; and even a gorgeous crown should decorate his gray head!

178,13. And if he, with very few and always the same words, tremendously sounds the voice of a ruler in the palace, then he should be served an abundant fodder!

178,14. This is the way we are going to handle it and so it should stay; the king should pass the time by guzzling, sleeping and repelling flies!"

178,15. This satire brought the puppet king almost beyond his senses and he began to rave and to rage thereat.

178,16. But the speaker of the ten grabbed him by the ears and with his miraculous powers he stretched them to real donkey-ears and said: "Behold, this is the crown! The throne will follow!"

178,17. This made an impression on the puppet king whose name was Midehal. But he was humbled thereby and also converted; but his ears he retained for a full three years.

178,18. But this story became known throughout the region and even up to the heights that the puppet king received donkey ears and through all kinds of poetry it remained alive until the late descendants. {Therefore also related to the Greek myth of King Midas, who was also graced with donkey ears. - Another parallel is found in the works of the 'Three days Scene' (The 12-year old Jesus in the Temple); even at this temple scene Midas with the donkey ears was not lacking.}

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-178 Chapter