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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-179 Chapter

Chapter 179

179,1. Thereupon Ohlad turned to the Danel again and said to him:

179,2. "Well, friend and brother, behold, also Midehal has been safely converted by the fact that the minister has extended his ears by the power of God in him and thus turned his inner stupidity to the outside; and so we already achieved a great goal through the will of the Lord!

179,3. But now there are the people whose darkness is large and everywhere - here in the city, in the wide suburbs and in the cities of Lim, Kira, Sab, Marat, Sincur, Pur, Nias, Firab, Pejel, Kasul, Munia and Tiran, and also with the other vassals!

179,4. It is on us, that these people in the cities as well as in the countryside and wherever people are living, are converted. Everywhere, as you and I well know, idolatry, as well as total impiety is entrenched!

179,5. We ourselves are in large to blame for this, and therefore it is even more so our duty to bring back the light to all these nations, which we have taken away from them for the most part.

179,6. The Lord Himself has opened the way for us through the most terrible firestorm; but it is now up to us to use this opportunity wisely to the glory and praise of Him who showed us such great mercy by igniting the eternal light of life in us anew, which was completely extinguished in us.

179,7. So that we are capable to bring back this light to all the people, we want to visit the temples of the Lord; in them we will receive the equitable strengthening and the necessary authority and power!

179,8. The Lord's Spirit will come upon us and anoint us with new strength and will awaken in us the right spirit of love and all light of life from it; and with this light we want to go to the nations and will enlighten them with the light of the living grace of God and anoint them with a new spirit to become children of the one holy Father who has chosen us from the very beginning already to be His children!

179,9. And as such prepare yourselves for the day of tomorrow; for even before sunrise, we want to enter the temples, and then engage immediately with the supreme business of a true government of the people in the name of the one God, because He has chosen and anointed us for it! So be it.”

179,10. When Ohlad had finished his speech, he received a huge praise, and all the councilors together with the very humiliated puppet king began to laud and praise God aloud, that He had given them such a loving and wise king.

179,11. All accepted the recommendation willingly and rejoiced beyond measure, to be able to start working in the name of the Lord.

179,12. And Ohlad together with his ten ministers blessed the ninety and nine, and then went into the old castle, where they strengthened themselves and brought a common praise to the Lord.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-179 Chapter