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Chapter 18

18,1. Here, the Lord faced Satana again and said, "Satana, you say, that I have been to you only an eternal implacable, almighty God of anger and chastise you continually for eternities in an indescribably cruel manner! Therefore I command you now to show these witnesses the strokes which you already have received from Me! "

18,2. Here the great whore was taken aback and did not know what to say to the Lord of glory; because the alleged punishment was simply not true because the Lord had never ever taken away her most powerful freedom of will, but had left it to her to mightily act freely in the infinite space of creation.

18,3. However, what Satana wanted to connote as the most terrible punishment, was nothing more than the constant prevention from the side of the Lord with regard to the always clever intention of destruction of all things by Satana.

18,4. Why? - Because Satana is under the constant impression one should only remove all base from God and leave Him without support and all His almightiness would come to nothing and she as the arch enemy would then easily defeat God and herself take over the throne of almightiness, to suppress the formerly all-powerful, but now weakened, nevertheless indestructible God, so that He should dance according to the tune of the vile winner.

18,5. But since the Lord looked through such malicious and all love bare plans since eternity and thus always unexpectedly, almightily counteracted there where the crafty enemy expected Him least, it continually increased his anger-hate against God and led the enemy at the given position to the point to accuse the Lord of being a most gruesome punisher.

18,6. Since, after this preliminary explanation, Satana had nothing by which she could accuse the Lord of glory of such violation, and therefore had to necessarily remain silent to such a request of the Lord, although grinding her teeth from a secret anger, the Lord spoke to her by asking:

18,7. "Why don’t you do what I command, and show the witness the scars of My eternal wrath punishment on you, so that I can become aware of My great debt to you and compensate you for all of the cruellest wrongdoings done to you?!

18,8. You are still clothed in front of us and the witnesses do not see anything else than only your hair of your whole being; therefore get undressed and show yourself entirely so that the witnesses can see you how you have been kepte by Me so far in spite of your endless malice!"

18,9. Here, Satana was suddenly standing completely naked in front of the witnesses, and all confessed with the greatest astonishment of the world, never have seen such endless beauty, perfection, in all parts rounded and healthy and strong woman.

18,10. And Lamech added by saying: "O Lord and Father, our Ghemela, Naeme, Purista and Pura, whom You took to You, compare to this - regarding the external beauty - like a plump lump of clay against the most beautiful, purest diamond, when perfectly illuminated by the morning sun! And in such appearance this being speaks of a most cruel punishment by You, O Lord, in all your eternal holiness, goodness, love and mercy?”

18,11. And the Lord said: "Yes, except for the strokes of Kisehel she has never experienced any punishment from Me, her Creator, God, Father and Husband, and yet she still hates Me as the eternal, purest love and wants to kill My heart because it does not wants to be a destroyer like her!

18,12. She still imagines to one day emasculating Me, instead of returning to Me and be for Me forever a loving daughter, a dear wife, powerful out of Me above all, and to assimilate, like Me, My seven power-spirits.

18,13. All the stars, suns and worlds are showing what I already have done for her sake, to bring her on the right path; but so far nothing bore fruit with her, - she remains the old, fury filled, implacable enemy of My Love!

18,14. Therefore, I will now do the utmost on this earth! I will give Myself captive to her up to death and leave to her all power on this earth and all the stars should be subject to her!

18,15. She will be allowed to even kill Me according to her will. But I will then, out of My own power without external support, mightily and alive rise again and in this way show to her all her powerlessness and great blindness and only then take away her power over the stars and leave her only half the power of the earth and will give her a full, a half and a quarter deadline!

18,16. But woe to her if all of that bares no fruit with her: only then will I begin to punish her!

18,17. Until My capture - if she insists - she should have the fullest freedom to do what she wants!

18,18. Good for her, if she is going to use this new deadline well! But if she is going to act according to her old fury, she will also oneday find in it her long awaited well-deserved reward.

18,19. This, however keep to yourself until the time of her shame! Amen.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-18 Chapter