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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-180 Chapter

Chapter 180

180,1. The next morning, two hours before sunrise, Ohlad with his ministers went to the ninety-nine councilors and to his great joy found them festively prepared for the entry into the temples.

180,2. Men, women and children stood together gathered, and the servants waited in the spacious courtyard for their masters.

180,3. Since everything was ready, they started to march towards the first temple.

180,4. When the whole, quite large company arrived at the front-court, at once a thousand lightning flashes shot down from the golden roof of the temple into the large atrium. At the same time the ten ministers waved to all the surrounding fire-spewing mountains and at that moment sky-high columns of fire launched from their craters; and the associated masses of smoke soon covered the visible firmament.

180,5. This phenomenon made a mighty impression on our ninety-nine councilors; for they saw death before their eyes, which means as they imagined it.

180,6. Quivering and shaking Danel approached Ohlad and said: "O you mighty, by God anointed king! Spare us and do not let us perish so miserably; for terrible is your power and authority!

180,7. Under these circumstances, who can exist alongside you? Who will be your subject and be able to live? For before he knows it, the flames of your power will embrace him and will burn his body to ashes!"

180,8. But Ohlad said to Danel: "Do not worry about such foolish things! It is the seriousness the Lord is showing you and also to all your companions; because if the Lord would not have shown you this seriousness, you would not be worthy to receive here the mighty blessing, which you need to draw the people to the light of life from God!

180,9. Therefore away with the foolish fear and completely away with the quivering and shaking; for it is God, yes an eternal, most loving Father, who is coming to meet you in the most violent fire of His infinite holy love for you!

180,10. For it is not I and not these ministers who are able to call the lightning from the roof and all this fire from the earth; only God Himself does this out of love for you, to prepare you still deeper for His blessed arrival in the temple!"

180,11. These words were enough to free Danel as well as his companions from the great fear and to instill courage in them to enter the atrium and then - after the true revival of the vibrant humility and love - also the temple.

180,12. Thereupon Ohlad opened the gate of the court and then entered himself with the greatest reverence together with the whole, big company, praised the Lord and then went into the temple, where only the ten were allowed to follow him. All the others of the company had to remain in the front-court; for only the initiated were allowed to enter the temple.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-180 Chapter