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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-181 Chapter

Chapter 181 - Ohlad at the Altar of God. God's Warning and Forbiddance of Gossip Visits and social Events for Entertainment.

1. When Ohlad and the ten ministers entered the temple, he immediately dropped down on his face in front of the altar and prayed to God, that He should be gracious and merciful to the ninety-nine brothers, including the puppet king.

2. And the Lord spoke from the white cloud: "Ohlad! I have looked upon you and your brothers and I have been pleased that they converted and have turned their heart and soul to Me; but I still have something against them, and that is very important for their spirit!

3. For the world it appears fair, just and entirely innocent; but it is not so to Me!

4. What is it that I have against them? - Hear!

5. They have a passion to visit certain families they like under all sorts of friendly pretexts, which they make up themselves and also vice versa! Not even Danel, as the wisest, is excluded from this evil passion!

6. The men are joyful if they are visited by beautiful women, and are very happy if they themselves can, in return, pay a visit to such beautiful women.

7. But the women are duly panting for male visitors, and the more there are, the more funny and quite foolishly friendly they become.

8. The women may visit the men less frequently than their peers, but then the whole heaven quite often becomes fire red with anger for the most appalling and stupid gossipping that takes place!

9. The more nonsensical and worthless and stupid the chatter, the more it pleases them; and the sillier, foolsh, stupid, fun-like and ridiculous such gatherings turn out, the more pleasant and cherishable they are and therefore become a preferably place to visit.

10. But especially the women - both young and old - see to it that at such gossip gatherings, which I hate from the bottom of my heart, always several young people of the male sex are present, individuals who are really skilled in courtshipping and also know how to arrange all kinds of funny games to provide a pleasant amusement for the women; and the more nonsensical, stupid, empty and meaningless these games are, the more popular they are, and especially if they are carried out by well-built, young men!

11. See, your ninety-nine brothers have such wives and such children; but the wife of Danel is the biggest lover of gossip among them! Truly, this is most disgusting to Me!

12. I would rather prefer to hold a carcass in My mouth for a thousand years than to look at such a gallant party lover for only one second from afar!

13. The reason for this lies therein, because this is one of the best ways to spoil and kill the spirit that comes from Me; for during such gatherings, the woman, as well as the man, learn in the easiest manner to forget about Me, and are throwing themselves into the poisonous snake arms of the funny and flattering world!

14. Who can think about Me in such a gossipping-, playing-, chitchatting- and laughing society, while I have to sustain his or her life at every moment?!

15. Therefore, I curse all those gatherings where people visit each other to amuse themselves - instead of wanting to discuss and teach each other about Me; irrespective if these visits are of an insignificant nature, they are nevertheless cursed by Me - particularly if children are dragged into them and where every better seed will soon be suffocated.

16. Therefore, go outside and preach My will to your ninety-nine brothers, and they should do likewise to their dull wives and children; and tell them that I will not bless anyone until he has brought his house in order!

17. If this evil is not destroyed at the roots, I will give My judgement to the world instead of My grace! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-181 Chapter