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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-182 Chapter

Chapter 182 - Ohlad's foolish Request to God. God's important social cues: "For where two or three are gathered in My name, there I am in their midst!

1. And Ohlad spoke with the deepest humility to the Lord: "O Lord, Your most holy name be sanctified, and may Your will be done always and forever!

2. I, a poor, miserable worm before You in the dust of my utter nothingness, nevertheless dare, from the bottom of my great need to pose a question to You, and You, Father, full of the most infinite love, mercy, and patience, may you not be cross with me!"

3. And the Lord spoke from the cloud: "So stand up and speak! I will put My ear to your mouth!"

4. And Ohlad rose and said: "O Lord, tell me, according to your grace: Shall we people never visit our neighbors and never - even in a respectable manner - enjoy ourselves with our brothers and sisters?

5. See, we poor people have little entertainment on this gaunt earth! If we even have to entirely avoid our mutual social visits and meetings, then nothing is left for us than to crawl into a hole and gnaw there at our own, gloomiest boredom!

6. Therefore, I want to ask You, Lord, on behalf of all my brothers and sisters, that You may soften Your will a little in regarding this! Would it not please You to give me a rule, yes even a law, according to which some gatherings might still take place?!

7. And the Lord said to Ohlad: "I knew that you still are a sick donkey; because of this you ask Me for this against my order!

8. Behold, you ox, on the earth blessed and cursed plants, shrubs, trees and fruits are growing; the blessed originate from heaven and the accursed from hell. The fruits of the latter are often more enticing than the former. Would you not like to say here as well: ‘Lord, take away their deadly poison, so that we can enjoy them just like the blessed?'

9. I'm telling you: This I will never do; for I've already placed thirty blessed fruits on every accursed one, and that should be enough!

10. In addition, you are free to exterminate the cursed plants and instead grow only blessed fruits. Is that not enough?

11. Thus I have also given one partner and one helper to man, and behold, the first man Adam was satisfied with that! Do you then want to be more than the first human couple on earth?!

12. Does not every father have his children, just like every mother?! And does not every homeowner have his household, his servants and maids who are also humans?! What more does he want?

13. Adam had only one wife, and later his children, and he had no servants and no maids, - and behold, he was satisfied with that! Why do you want more than what was given to Adam out of My order?!

14. O you glutton, you want more, because I’m not enough for you! I am too little for you, therefore you want the entertainment of the world! That is why you want to laugh, to clap and to play in feisty circles, because I bore you!

15. My company was enough for Adam, and Adam and her children were sufficient for Eve; because of which he lived nine hundred and thirty years satisfactorly without societal games! Why do you want more?

16. But I tell you, because I have already anointed you: If you visit each other in My name, as Adam did with his children, then every gathering will also be blessed; for where two or three are gathered in My name, there I am in their midst!

17. Wherever, however, any gatherings take place for the sake of worldly pleasure, Satan shall be present and strangle his children to his pleasing!

18. Therefore, do not ask me again - if you do not want to have asked Me for the last time, - instead, go quickly and fulfill My will! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-182 Chapter