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Chapter 183 - Ohlad reports the Will of God to Danel and the Councils. Danel's mystification at the seeming Fussiness of God. Agreement of the Men and Reserve of the Women.

1. Upon this reply, Ohlad hit himself on the the chest, bowed deeply before the altar and then went straight out to the ninety-nine waiting brothers, immediately called Danel and told him everything that he had heard from the Lord.

2. And Danel replied in return: "Verily, if you had not explained this situation with such lofty earnestness, I could hardly believe that the great, sublime and holy God would bother with such trifle matters!

3. Nevertheless, there must be something to it, for the Lord wants to withhold His mercy from us if we do not let go of this apparent vice, and wants to give us a bitter judgement instead!

4. I will make known the Lord's will immediately! I can take care of myself and my house; there certainly will be no more gatherings and we also will make no more visits, except in the manner the Lord wants it, namely in His most holy name only!

5. But concerning the others, I can of course give no guarantees as to what they will do!"

6. And Ohlad said: "This, for the time being, does not concern you and neither me; in this regard, the Lord will be doing His part!"

7. Thereupon Danel at once went to the ninety-eight, as well as to their children and women and made the Lord's will known to them, in precisely the same way as he had heard it from Ohlad.

8. The men soon accepted it; but the women and the more adult children began to sob and secretly even cry and revile, and they said:

9. "God could not have said that! Ohlad made this up, the ten magicians from on high and now even the famous Danel, who always knows how to turn his coat with the wind!

10. Why should we not be loved by several men in a society?

11. Why should we be there for only one man and polish and make ourselves beautiful for him alone?

12. Why should our daughters not have the opportunity to make all sorts of acquaintances with the young man's world, so that they can choose the one which they like most?

13. And why should our sons not get to know the girls? Should they remain unmarried in the end? But where else, except in social circles, presents itself a chance for this?!

14. We only visit honest and old aristocratic houses anyway, and we are visited by them in return!

15. God cannot be wise if he demands something like that from us! If we did something bad during such visits, it would be something else; but we are only having fun doing so in the most innocent way of the world! How should, how can this be contrary to a wise God?!

16. But Danel said to them: “O you women, you grumble about the arrangements of God! Don’t you know how He has always chastised those who oppose Him?! Even though this matter appears too trifle to you, it is however important to God; because of this you say that God could not be wise!

17. O you blind fools! Who created the small gnat, the leaf mite, the countless worms in a swamp, the hair of your head? Are all these not seemingly insignificant things?! And yet, the great God takes care of them!

18. Who, except for the Master knows best what is of use to His work?! But if the great Master Himself gives us rules on how to live, should we not immediately accept them most thankfully?!

19. Even if the evil seems small and insignificant to you, because you already got accustomed to it, should it therefore be as such for God as well?

20. Oh, the Lord will never, ever align Himself with our great folly, but it is up to us, His creatures, that we follow His will, - for He alone knows what is of use to us!

21. Does not just one drop of poison already contaminate ten buckets of water, so that it cannot be enjoyed healthfully and without harm anymore?! But can one healthy drop of water purify ten buckets full of poison?

22. As such, death is more powerful than life, and we can very easily lose it! Wherefore it says to consider the rules well and live accordingly, the way the Lord of life wishes it. Understand me and do not mutter with discontent! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-183 Chapter