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Chapter 184 - Questions for Clarification from the Women to Danel. His enlightening Answer about societal Gossip Visits and their spoiling Effect on Soul and Spirit in Man

1. After this speech of Danel, several younglings and women came together and directed the following speech at Danel, saying:

2. "Honored and highly respectable colleague of our men and fathers! We have listened to your speech with rapt attention and have found some aspects of your words as true and good, but some are also incomprehensible!

3. We ask you, therefore, what is the meaning of the drop of poison in the ten buckets of water and vice versa with one drop of water in ten buckets of poison, and in what way are we allowed to gather in the the name of God! Enlighten us about these two main points, so that we can understand it all!"

4. And Danel collected all his wits at once and said: "Thus listen to me; with the grace of the Lord, which radiates brightly from His sanctuary over to me, I want to make it as clear to you as the sun shines on the brightest midday, which of course does not shine now because it is covered by the densest masses of smoke, which gush forth from burning mountains!

5. You are vessels from of the still healthy, living water, which is your life from God; but the gatherings are the poison for your living spirit, and the reason for this is that during those visits you forget God more and more through all sorts of silly gossipping and chinwag, through which you let yourself be sweetly and stupidly honoured, mostly at the expense of others, mostly harmless people, by shameful humiliation and defamation, and also through all manners of silly games that make you laugh; and in the end, in your often excited thrill of haughtiness, you are beginning to think that the whole world is just there for you, and as if the salvation of the whole world depends on your chitchat!

6. See, that is against all neighborly love, and therefore against the divine order, and as such a poison for the life of your spirit, which originally has been breathed into you as a healthy, living water of God!

7. One drop of this poison, which appears as such a small and harmless visit in the name of the world, easily poisons the healthy spirit, so that it becomes powerless in your soul, and thereby your soul is stimulated to become sensitive to haughtiness, and begins more and more to seek ways to find the right recognition of its sublimity!

8. And the soul does all this because, according to the paralysis of the poisoned spirit in her, it is lacking a leader to get up, and in the end sees itself as the ruling principle of life, but which is an erroneous perception of the highest degree, based on a secret, but nevertheless very important reason, namely, that our souls, as living substances of our bodies, come from underneath, and only the spirit is from above to deliver the fallen soul from its old slag, in the time of this earthly life!

9. Such can only happen through the grace of God, provided we do not do everything possible to destroy our spirit, but to arrange our lives according to the holy will of Him who has given us the spirit as an utmost present forever.

10. I think that it has been made clear enough as to what the meaning of a drop of poison in ten healthy buckets of water is!

11. But what regards the contrary, it is too clear for one to waste too many words about it! If a person becomes completely spoiled, will one word of truth better him?!

12. As little as you can extinguish a raging fire with a drop of water, nor will a good admonition bring back a worldly corrupt person! Go to a burning mountain and extinguish the fire with a drop of water, if you can do it!

13. Thus I already have sprinkled many healthy drops of living water in you; but your old passion is still blazing, I do not regard it as extinguished, and it will still take quite a mighty downpour over you for your great foolishness to be extinguished! - I mean, this should now have been made clear enough?!

14. And regarding just visits in the name of God, it is too abundantly clear for me to say much about it!

15. So take careful note in you of what I have said to you, and it will, by itself, become clear how we should visit each other in the name of God! Understand this well in the name of Him whose grace allowed me to speak to you! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-184 Chapter