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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-185 Chapter

Chapter 185

185,1. Thereupon Danel went back to Ohlad and said to him: "Brother, you anointed, true king full power and grace from the Lord, who reigns as one God and governs all things and beings, holy from eternity, all holy, - you yourself have now been eye and ear witness, as I, as far as it was ever possible for me, have made known the Lord's will to our wives and children in a loud voice! But whether this will be of any use, I can impossibly be a guarantor for it!

185,2. The grace of our Lord and your on you bestowed royal powers, can bring success here!"

185,3. And Ohlad, very surprised about the earlier speech of Danel, said to him: "Surely, the way you now have spoken to the women and children, as well as indirectly to all the brothers, hardly I myself could not have spoken!

185,4. For your words sounded so true and so content heavy, as if they were almost directly issued from the mouth of the Lord to these people!

185,5. Indeed, where such words remain ineffective, then nothing else could help than the judgement and the sharpest punishment!

185,6. But I am in advance of the good belief that you, dearest brother, have not spoken in vain; for I have heard and saw, how in the end all began to mightily look into themselves, especially at the occasion when you presented the glorious image of the drop of poison in the ten buckets of pure, healthy water and vice versa!

185,7. Let them now duly consider and digest your words in themselves, and I am fully convinced that they will adapt and act accordingly, as the spirit of the word will merge completely with their whole being!

185,8. They are already leavened; if the love heat of the Lord is added, then this dough which you have mixed, will begin to rise by its own self generated force! You understand what I want to say by that?!

185,9. But go now with me to the door of the temple, and fall on your face in front of the most holy presence of the Lord and thank Him from the bottom of your heart for the grace by which you were able to speak in such a way and ask the Lord for your words to succeed!

185,10. But I will go into the temple in front of you and will in front of the most holy altar of the Lord do the same in the presence of my ministers; and if the Lord will call you, then get up, and with the highest reverence and the most humble love enter the temple, and the Lord Himself will give you instructions what you will have to do! And so let us go in the name of the Lord! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-185 Chapter