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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-186 Chapter

Chapter 186

186,1. Arriving at the door of the temple, Danel immediately fell on his face and prayed, as Ohlad had advised him earlier on.

186,2. But Ohlad went at once with the highest reverence into the temple and fell down before the altar and began to pray to God in his heart.

186,3. But God, the Lord and the Father, soon spoke from the white cloud to him: "Ohlad, I say to you, arise; because I have no need that you should roll around in the dust before me!

186,4. For whoever confesses Me lovingly in his heart, is doing enough and who is truly humble in his soul, also does enough; anything else you are doing with the body, has no value before Me, for it is nothing but a dead ceremony and purely belongs to the vanity of the world and is peculiar of all blindness and folly of men.

186,5. Thus get up and go to the door and tell Danel in My name to do the same! When he got up, then bring him into the temple and I Myself will reveal to him everything that he has to accomplish in My name!"

186,6. Ohlad immediately got up and went to disclose to Danel the will of the Lord. He also rose at once and followed Ohlad into the temple.

186,7. When both of them now stood before the altar of the Lord, the Lord said to Danel:

186,8. »Danel, I know you; you are an after-son of Kisehel, who at one stage in the past during the times of Lamech, mightily instructed Lamech to build this temple in My Name!

186,9. Kisehel’s third tribe moved against My will down to the depths, and you're a seventh member of the successors of Kisehel.

186,10. Verily, if you were, like Ohlad, not from Kisehel, the way to the temple would never be opened for you; but because you are sons of my faithful Kisehel, well recognizable by your initially recalcitrant spirit, just as it once was the case with Kisehel, I merely for the sake of you have found once again mercy for all the people and I want it one more time to be called loudly by you to Me.

186,11. You Ohlad, I have anointed, and with this anointment you have brought to Me your brother Danel and also the other ninety-eight brothers in the shortest time; therefore your kingdom will be secured in this city for as long as you are going to act in this anointment complying to My words and the ten witnesses here shall always mightily support you, - for they too are children of Kisehel!

186,12. But you, Danel, shall be anointed by this My word! Put your hands on your brothers in My name, so that they also may be anointed!

186,13. After that move out to all the regions of the world and preach everywhere serious penance! If this will take place, move on and repeat your actions; but if penance will not follow, then proclaim My wrath and My promised judgement will not stay away, wherever there is not a full return! -

186,14. Here the Lord blessed Danel with a visible hand from the white cloud and then instructed him to immediately carry out his instructions. But the Lord specifically impressed it upon him that he should indeed use fire against the gatherings and visits.

186,15. And Danel promised all this to the Lord and together with Ohlad and the ten ministers immediately went to work.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-186 Chapter