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Chapter 187

187,1. When arriving in the courtyard, all thanked the Lord from the very bottom of their hearts and praised His unspeakable goodness; and Ohlad locked the temple again and went with Danel and the ten ministers to the ninety-eight and conveyed the Lord's will to them.

187,2. But when they, namely the ninety-eight, willingly accepted everything, Danel laid his hands on them and they were soon filled with the strength of the spirit from the Lord and immediately began to praise Him with all their strength.

187,3. Highly lauding and praising the Lord, they went out of the courtyard to the outside where their wives and children awaited them, and immediately familiarized them too with the Lord's will.

187,4. But when the wives and the children learned that their husbands and fathers had to move, in their perception, into the endlessly large and wide world and would leave their wives and children behind for some time or maybe forever, the wives and the children began terribly to lament. Some wept, some cried, some were tearing their hair out and began to terribly revile against this provision of God.

187,5. Then the ten ministers stepped before the women and the children and commanded them quite seriously to be silent, otherwise they would have to fear a mighty punishment.

187,6. These commanding words poured like visible flames and with a thunder-like voice over the wives and grown-up children and soon silenced everyone.

187,7. When the wives and children were silenced, only then did one of the ten ministers spoke to the women and children:

187,8. "Be reasonable for a change! How do you want to oppose the all-powerful will of God?! What is more: God or your great folly?

187,9. If your husbands are going to fulfill the will of the Lord, will the Almighty leave you then?!

187,10. In future you only have to worry about one thing and that is to please the Lord of heaven and earth; everything else is not of your concern - because in this regard the Lord will be doing anyway the best!

187,11. But if your husbands do not want to fulfill the will of the Lord, for your folly's sake, the Lord would drop fire from the heavens on to the earth, and all of you including your husbands would viciously perish in the flames of God's wrath!

187,12. Say, would you rather prefer this, than letting your husbands move out and mightily fulfill the Lord's will, and the Lord provides for you here?"

187,13. These few words brought the women and children back to their senses, so that they blessed their husbands and fathers, and asked the Lord that He should safely bring them back, if it is His will.

187,14. And a voice was heard from the air, saying: "My will - then and when, and here and there! Let it be done, what is necessary! Amen. "

187,15. Thereupon all went home, and the next day already the ninety-nine moved out under many blessings; only Midehal stayed at home - because of his long ears.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-187 Chapter