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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-188 Chapter

Chapter 188

188,1. In the course of three years the ninety-nine had already spread the word of God everywhere; In most places they encountered more or less small objections which they, however, easily conquered with their miraculous powers.

188,2. In an even shorter time Hanoch and the wide extended suburbs were pretty much brought back to order again, of which some were quite hardlined.

188,3. In the fourth year the ninety-nine arrived safely back home again and brought Ohlad the pleasing news that everything was now in order again.

188,4. And Ohlad and the ten ministers brought the Lord a great thank offering, to which all the people of Hanoch were invited.

188,5. But the offering consisted of the following: On a large, open square outside the city Ohlad had a tremendously large triumphal arch built. Its height was one hundred ells (1 Austrian ell = 0.778m) and its length and width was equal to the height. The building material were all immaculate white marble squares.

188,6. It took one year for this work of an exceeding majestic appearance to be completed; and similar to the temple, on top of the triumphal arch a high altar made from purest gold was mounted and on the altar a new, large gold panel erected, on which with large diamonds and rubies the most holy name Jehovah was set.

188,7. Thousands and thousands of hands had worked on it. People of every rank alternately acted as assistants.

188,8. And when this work, of which the construction in itself was part of the thanks offering, was completed, all the people, as already mentioned above, were summoned from all over the city, and Ohlad held in the face of a countless crowd with his ten ministers and the ninety-nine messengers, a solemn entry, loudly lauding and praising the Lord.

188,9. After this entrance which greatness and rich splendor surpassed everything imaginable at present by far, Ohlad, accompanied by the ten ministers and the ninety-nine, went to the temple and brought the Lord in his heart a completely lively thanks offering.

188,10. But the Lord said to Ohlad: "Ohlad, you did what I did not demanded from you, on your own accord!

188,11. You have built Me an arch out of great gratitude; I say to you that you have done well! But you have exposed My name; see, that was not right - because My name must be the innermost!

188,12. Therefore go and build out of repentance for this mistake a temple, similar to this one, above the arch, so that My name will come to stand in its innermost, - otherwise you yourself are turning the sanctuary into idolatry! Go therefore and do this! Amen."

188,13. And Ohlad, quite contrite, went out of the temple and began the very next day with the new task.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-188 Chapter