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Chapter 189

189,1. After one year the new temple, which resembled the temple of Lamech, was finished and the rest of the plateau outside the temple on the triumphal arch was leveled and ringed with a golden railing, so that the visitors walking around the temple were not at risk to fall from the high plateau of the arch.

189,2. This most magnificent looking building was daily visited by thousands and thousands of people a day, while the inner temple was visited by only very few, partly out of fear but also partly because it was located in a less appealing suburb of the city.

189,3. During the course of ten years a new city had formed around the triumphal arch which consisted entirely of guesthouses and the many pilgrims found in this new guesthouse city for a very moderate fee their desired accommodation and this was right and proper.

189,4. But in time another evil began to develop and this consisted in nothing other than a kind of creeping paganism, which arose out of a difference of opinion, namely, in which of the existing three temples was God the most gracious and the most loving.

189,5. Certainly not in the inner temple of Lamech; since there was always lightning and thunder from the roof, so that no one was sure of his life!

189,6. The temple on the mountain looked too airy and therefore it did not had the appearance as if God was very generous with His grace in it.

189,7. But in the new temple God was the most graceful and at the same time the most generous; therefore He was to visit and to worship there the most!

189,8. The fact that especially the residents of Hanoch who owned the houses and dainty guesthouses around the temple of Lamech, rebelled against such arguments, is abundantly clear; but they did not object for the sake of the the real authenticity of the temple, but because of the meager income and therefore proved the sole authenticity of the temple, which Lamech had built at God's command miraculously within seven days.

189,9. Thus also the innkeepers argued in their favor, who had settled around the mountain on which stood the temple of wisdom, by saying: "What good is all your piety during your frequent visits to the new temple, if you stay stupid?! On top there is the right temple which God often visited Himself to distribute wisdom. Go there! Verily, there you shall attain wisdom!"

189,10. Although Ohlad and all his ministers saw this nonsense, they could do nothing about it, for the people who pilgrimages from all parts of the world to new temple, were very devout and always very moved and praised the name of the one God beyond measure. Therefore, he quietly had to watch this battle of the three parties; because to the outside each party seemed to be claiming the right thing.

189,11. All that he still could do was, to appoint good teachers for the people at the new temple who instructed the people wisely, - but they were also not in the position to balance the parties.

189,12. But the very poisonous fruit which over time developed from this interesting cleavage, the following will show.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-189 Chapter