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Chapter 190

190,1. For as long Ohlad and the ten ministers lived and the ninety-nine assisted with maintaining the general order in all directions, things continued pretty well in general, although they never fully succeeded, to root out all the evil in such a big city.

190,2. Even after the discontinuation of theaters, animal fights and the gallant meetings and the admittance of visits to the glory of God, the pious pilgrimages were a rich replacement, and one took advantage of these god-devout gatherings, and as it happens at such occasions with the added effort of Satan, they were used for all sorts of purposes which I do not want to describe in more detail here.

190,3. But as said, this was now the weed between the wheat which always was carefully weeded as much as possible by the diligence and zeal of Ohlad and his ministers.

190,4. But his son, who succeeded him in the government, was already a lot more negligent.

190,5. When I admonished him to be more zealous in the temple, he said: “Lord, give me the miraculous powers of ten ministers of my Father, who guided all the people of the earth for thirty years to happiness, and I will guide them to even more happiness for one hundred years! But If You, O Lord, give me miraculous powers, do not give them to me from today until tomorrow, but for my whole life and I will lead the people without minister!"

190,6. So he kept asking me for miraculous powers when I exhorted him to be zealous and also promised him that I would assist him wondrously anyway, whenever he in his righteous zeal would need my support.

190,7. But with that he was not satisfied and was thereat even incensed with Me and said: "If You, O Lord, do not want to give me miraculous powers but only want to use them Yourself in extraordinary cases, and where on top of it I still have to beg You for days to help me out, You should go and sit on the throne Yourself and rule the masses, and leave me unscathed!"

190,8. But since this successor of Ohlad was always falling out with Me, for I could not give him miraculous powers because of his addiction to play, he also was very tepid regarding governmental matters.

190,9. The pilgrimages became increasingly more prevalent and therefore the social gatherings also became continuously more prevalent, and the places of pilgrimage multiplied.

190,10. And thus idolatry became rampant; for the people prayed now to the Jehovah plaques and not to Me alive in their hearts.

190,11. I reproved the people and the king by all kinds of plagues; but who becomes lukewarm once, can not not be helped that much anymore!

190,12. After or even at any punishment the king came to Me in the temple, - but not to beg Me for mercy and compassion, but to fight with Me and confronted Me with all kinds of nitpicky reproaches!

190,13. At one stage, when I was sending a small plague into the city because seriously rampant fornication, which killed two hundred thousand people in a week, though only in one section of the city (at that time Hanoch had a population of twelve million people including the suburbs), he came to Me and said:

190,14. "Why do You, Lord, strangle so slowly? Kill in one swoop the whole city including me, then You could end all mischief at once!"

190,15. And when I chastised him at similar encounters, he said: "Go ahead, keep hitting! Since it is indeed an honor, if a weak king of Hanoch is beaten by his God and Lord!"

190,16. If I sent a disease over him, he had himself, together with his bed, be carried into the temple and wrestled there with Me for so long in the most gruesome manner until I had to take the disease away from him again. Sometimes he promised to follow Me; but sometimes he even threatened Me.

190,17. Indeed, this king, whose name was Dronel, knew quite well to put My patience to the test! But I nevertheless let him rule for fifty years, because, except for his grief hours, he still loved Me very much.

190,18. But what further, the following will show us!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-190 Chapter