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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-192 Chapter

Chapter 192

192,1. After a year, however, Kinkar consulted with his father Dronel and said: "Father, listen to me; a good idea went through my head!

192,2. Behold, God has become unfaithful to us and this without any obvious reason understandable to us since we have not been fallen on our heads! However, we do not want to give tit for tat, but just want to do the opposite and want to remain faithful to Him, as He has never experienced such loyalty through all His eternities anywhere and by any of His creatures!

192,3. For this reason I had the laws of God gathered in the course of this year from everywhere and have written them into a book!

192,4. Yes, I have even sent messengers to the heights! They have found very old people there, - I tell you, people who in all seriousness have personally known the fabulous first person on earth! Indeed, there is still living a very old man, who is a contemporary of the same Lamech, who has built the two temples!

192,5. The messengers found these mountain dwellers to be profoundly wise and got from them a whole book full of divine wisdom, and this book supposed to be written by a certain Enoch, who was believed to be extremely pious, and in the constant visible presence of God Himself acted as His high priest.

192,6. See, I have managed to take possession of these truly sacred treasures and there in the hands of the carriers you see a book, three feet long, two wide and one feet high, consisting of a hundred strong metal sheets; the metal is a mixture of gold, silver and copper.

192,7. See, all these leaves are fully written with a sharp stylus engraving font, and there is not a word from me - but whatever I could find about God in the depths as well as the heights which resembles even in the slightest any laws, I have very faithfully written in this book!

192,8. You know that I am very skilled using the stylus; thus it was possible for me to complete this book in one year.

192,9. This finished book contains therefore exclusively the will of God to the people of the earth; It should therefore remain an eternal government book, and never should any other law be imposed on the people which is not written in this book!

192,10. This book, however, we want to put God in honor with great ceremony in the temple on the now empty altar, and it should take the place of the former sanctuary as the pure Word of God!

192,11. And I want to assign priests who should study this book at all times, and then teach the people accordingly everywhere!

192,12. And the book shall be called 'The Holy Scriptures (Sanah Scritt) and your salvation (Seant ha vesta)'.

192,13. Whoever wants to take away something from the book or wants to add something arbitrarily, should immediately be punished by death!

192,14. But I’m also working on a second book, wherein all the deeds of God and His guidance will be recorded; and that book of which already a thousand leaves have been prepared by the metalworker Arbial, will be titled ‘The sacred history of God' (Seant hiast elli)! What are you saying to this my undertaking, Father?”

192,15. When Dronel heard this from Kinkar he was delighted beyond measure and said:

192,16. "Verily, you have done for God in one year already more than I have in fifty! Therefore God will surely bless you than He has not even blessed my father Ohlad; for neither he nor I had ever been troubled by the heights!

192,17. All praise therefore to God, the Lord, and to you my most beloved son and now the most worthy king of such a large empire!

192,18. Everything be done according to your will, you my beloved son and king! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-192 Chapter