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Chapter 193

193,1. Such eulogy put Kinkar in a very vain-merry mood, and he therefore had the very next day already carried the law book written by him with great ceremony into the temple and had it laid on the altar.

193,2. When the book thus lay on the altar, Kinkar summoned forthwith hundred of the most prudent men who were present at the book transfer ceremony and assigned them as priests and made it their strict duty, to diligently read and study this book to be able to speak to the people at all times according to the order of divine wisdom.

193,3. He himself, of course, made himself the high priest, and as such demanded an almost divine reverence.

193,4. ‘God's vicegerent on earth, explorer of the divine will for the people of the earth’ and ‘Explorer of the secret divine Wisdom’, as well as ‘Ruler of God’ and ‘Son of heaven’, were alongside some other paraphrases his fixed priestly titles.

193,5. Nobody was allowed to call himself after him (Kinkar) the first, but in the highest and closest case the hundredth, for from number one to number one hundred, he united in himself all the dignities and it was therefore not enough to call him the most worthy, but one had to view and greet him as the only worthy and also the only wise and in relation to him call oneself as the most unworthy.

193,6. In short, the placement of the book in the temple made Kinkar crazy, and when in the course of ten years he finished ‘The history of God’ and had it placed into a golden chest and had it also carried into the temple, he completely lost it!

193,7. For the priests appointed by him knew his weakness and therefore added titles to him, of which until now nobody could have dreamed of.

193,8. Thus his great high priestly name was written with small letters on an overly long strip of metal sheet eleven hundred ell (1 ell = 55-114 cm) long.

193,9. The strip was rolled up and was in a rolled-up state also kept in the temple and highly revered.

193,10. And at large celebrations this strip was unrolled and placed spirally around the temple, and the great name on the strip was read by one hundred priests so that every priest had to read an eleven ell section.

193,11. Then Kinkar also had various shorter names, which were also written on similar sheet-metal strips.

193,12. These smaller names had to be pronounced once weekly. To read these names three days were required while during large celebrations, if everything went well, it took a whole week to read; because the eleven hundred ell long and one ell wide strip was from top to bottom, as already noted, fully written with small characters.

193,13. This was thus the state of affairs already in the course of almost twenty years in the city of Hanoch. It will thus no longer be difficult to conceive how Hanoch began to sink with giant steps.

193,14. The following, however, will show this in the brightest light.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-193 Chapter