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Chapter 194

194,1. When Kinkar, because of his literary zeal, was thus elevated to over the stars by the people, he really got started to contemplate on what he should invent henceforth, whereby he could grow his respect and founded worshipping by the people.

194,2. He had a very inventive spirit and was by the writing of the two books full of learned wisdom; therefore it was also easy for him to bring forth all kinds of things and to invent all sorts of arts.

194,3. And in the course of a few years Hanoch bristled of inventions and arts of all kinds; for the zeal of the king inspired all other people. Everybody thought only to invent something and then lay such a new invention at the king's feet.

194,4. Machines of every conceivable type, of which the later posterity still today has no concept of, were contrived in Hanoch as well as in the other cities.

194,5. Thus, particularly pull-, drive-, throwing-, pressure- and lifting machines of such magnitude were produced, by which things were accomplished, of which the present world has absolutely no idea - and it is also better that they do not know any of it.

194,6. So they had catapults, with which they could hurl weights of a thousand quintals (1 Austrian quintal = 100 kg) with the most terrible force over miles (1 German mile = 7,430 m), whereby of course the invention of bonded electricity played the main roll, which they understood to intensify (reinforce) to such an extent that they were able to truly achieve terrible things.

194,7. They also invented the powder and fire-arms, parchment and paper; also the force of water vapor was known to them, and they knew how to utilize it in many ways.

194,8. In short, everything whatever the contemporary world possesses in inventions and the arts, Hanoch, as well as the other cities were a full hardworking thousand years ahead and this in a very short time!

194,9. Thus the field of optics does not belong to the present time only; in Hanoch one understood to construct large viewing tools. They also understood to utilize aerostatics (the science of states of equilibrium of the atmospheric air) much better than now (the year 1844). Music was highly cultured, but which was common already during the times of Lamech.

194,10. With nothing one could make Kinkar more happy than with a new invention; therefore it rained in Hanoch daily of new inventions and improvements of already existing inventions.

194,11. Thus also the visual arts were very cultivated; and so Hanoch soon looked like an immense enchanted palace, and Kinkar viewed himself almost as a god, to which his still living father contributed the most.

194,12. And Kinkar said every few moments: "If we had honored God in His inscrutable being, we would still be standing on the first step of education; however, since we honor Him in His works, we are already now almost God’s equal - for we too are creators, and this of a nobler nature!”

194,13. But what further, the following will show!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-194 Chapter