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Chapter 196

196,1. Public schools already existed in Hanoch under Ohlad, which his son Dronel perfected and Kinkar extended and expanded to other cities.

196,2. But in addition Japell built several hundred high schools, in which all sorts of arts were taught publicly, for example, dance, music, sculpture, painting, swimming; flying by aerostatic means, riding horses, donkeys, camels, elephants; fencing, archery; and then also shooting by means of rifles invented by Kinkar.

196,3. For all these mentioned and still a lot of unnamed arts and subjects Japell had schools built and teachers employed in all places of his great empire. This resulted soon in the emergence of all kinds of people entertainers who produced themselves before the people in the various theaters for money, of which they had to pay one-third to the state treasury, and this for the reason because the king had these useful institutions in which such arts were taught, built by the people and thereby provided for the youth the opportunity to learn such useful things, - for which learning courses, however, the scholars had to pay their teachers.

196,4. Thereby Japell gained large sums and in political terms benefitted for the people forgot about the pressure because of the perpetually new spectacles and on top of it praised the king more than all the gold.

196,5. In order to make the people as stupid as possible and insensitive to any pressure, no means is more effective than a thousand shows and ceremonies. Thereby the most external desire for gawking is awakened by which man sinks back into the purely animal state and then stands in the world like a stupid cow in front of a new gate.

196,6. These were therefore the abundant fruits of the excellent politics of Japell.

196,7. There existed indeed in the city of Hanoch, as well as in the other cities and towns, some sober thinkers, who had not yet forgotten My word; but firstly they were not allowed to speak because Japell had set up a spy network all over the kingdom and secondly they also liked all the different really highly developed artistic productions and could not often enough exclaim how all this redounded the glory of the human intellect.

196,8. Of all the arts the dance, the music and especially the so-called aesthetic shows influenced the people most.

196,9. The aesthetic shows consisted therein that the most beautiful girls and also the most beautiful youths in all kinds of sexy costumes and the most alluring positions performed on a grand stage and of course accompanied by music.

196,10. After each performance the young artists were available to the lustful - of course for a substantial fee, namely the young men for the lustful women and the girls for the lustful men.

196,11. This art institution brought the king enormous sums and contributed to the dumbing of the people the most.

196,12. The main reason why Japell was so greatly favored by the people, was that he cared for the poor by means of hospitals, in which they were accommodated and thus one never saw any beggars anywhere, but only prosperity.

196,13. That the poor were not properly looked after in the hospitals and that they had to work there to earn their rather meager rations, can be seen from the fact that all the arrangements were just fruits of Japell’s politics; because love and politics are the most opposite poles, where love belongs to the uppermost heaven, while politics is a piece of the lowest hell, if it is based on greed and lust for power.

196,14. The following, however, will show the further actions of Japell!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-196 Chapter