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Chapter 197

197,1. Japell’s spirit soon discovered that there still existed some nations on Earth which were not yet subservient to him. He thus consulted with his ministers and priests in what way those nations would be easiest to subjugate.

197,2. The ministers advised the use of military force; however, the clever advice of the priest was to send emissaries to such nations.

197,3. "They should" (said the priest) "preach to these nations the great advantages of Hanoch and should then in the most amicable way have envoys from every nation send to Hanoch! They will then in the most friendly manner possible received here, and shown all our inventions and artifacts, and once they gained a great taste for our advantages, we will then invite them and say that they should incorporate themselves with us to be united with us as one nation and thereby become participants of all our advantages!

197,4. When these envoys of the nations will return to their nations and tell them about all the wonderful advantages of Hanoch, there certainly will not be one nation anywhere, that would not unite with us soon and acknowledge our supremacy!

197,5. It is equally important that such ambassadors do not discover any downsides with us! These consist mostly now in the legalized theft and robbery rights. Initially these two peculiarities must be abolished entirely against foreigners, otherwise they will be put off already on the way to us and then turn around and curse us!"

197,6. This fine priestly advice pleased the king, and he put it at once in effect.

197,7. In a short time thousands of emissaries were sent out as caravans in all directions, so that they could find all the hidden nations, and to proclaim to them the good news of Hanoch.

197,8. The easiest to find were the inhabitants of the heights, namely first the children of God, then the Horadalites and from there still many other nations.

197,9. Only the Sihinites, the Meduhedites and Kahinites, as well as the councilors who emigrated to Egypt during the times of Ohlad, could not be found.

197,10. By the most courteous politeness and by an exceedingly fine eloquence of the emissaries who were mostly con-artists and at the same time usually produced themselves in front of the encountered people in a wide variety of arts, within a short time all the nations were annexed with Enoch.

197,11. Even the children of the heights surrendered, except for the house of Lamech, who died at the time when Hanoch sent out its laudable emissaries. And thus it was only Noha with his three brothers, five sisters and his wife, who was a daughter of Muthael and Purista, and his five children, who were not dazzled by the apostles of Hanoch but who totally remained faithful to the Lord.

197,12. But Japell was extremely pleased with this victory; and because the priests had given him such wise counsel, he gave them the privilege of utter freedom and in addition the obligatory assurance that he and every descendant of him would comply at all times with their directives.

197,13. Still in the same year the priests introduced castes and all the people were divided into certain classes in which everyone had to remain for as long, by penalty of death, as he was unable to redeem himself with money.

197,14. Thereafter various castes were established, like a slave caste under the name 'human beasts of burden', a military caste, a citizen caste, an aristocratic caste, an artist caste, a caste for priests and many others.

197,15. The slave caste was the most numerous. Why? - About it as follows!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-197 Chapter