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Chapter 2

2,1. When the Lord, together with the four, came to Enoch, in passing He said to him: "Enoch, prepare them all and then bring them to Me into the hut; the women, however, should only come to the doorstep but not enter the hut as long as I will dwell in it, - except for Eva and those here who I myself will lead into the hut! Amen. "

2,2. Here the Lord, with his four beloved daughters, went into the hut and entertained them, until entry of all the others, with all kinds of divine grace-revelations and showed them the great ways which he pursues to guide the life of His children and all other beings; He also revealed to them animatedly the great destination of man, but also the possible evil intervention of Satan.

2,3. This is what the Lord did in the hut; but what happened to the Enoch outside?

2,4. First, Hored and Lamech came over him and asked him: "Father Enoch, don’t you want to tell us who is the man who quite cheerfully went into the hut just now, against the rule given by the Lord, all alone with with the four females, namely our women and with Purista and the beautiful Pura? Something extraordinary must be behind the man; and since he talks to you like a longtime acquaintance, you surely will know him?!

2,5. If the transfiguration of Sehel was no deception of our eyes, he certainly belongs to a higher world and therefore it would be very desirable to know his circumstances!

2,6. We speculated that it could be the the Lord Himself; but it does not corresponds with the announcement of Purista to whom the Lord had revealed, that He, when we all would be gathered in the hut and would await Him there in the deepest calm of our mind, on the spot will come to us visibly and then tell us all about what took place below.

2,7. But this man did not come according to the revelation, but quite freely, and while we were preparing ourselves in the hut for the arrival of the Lord, he made a little annoying spectacle with the women outside and to his obvious pleasure he carefully chose the four most beautiful!

2,8. Those four are of course the most purest female stars on the heights and strangely enough we are not able to get cross with them despite the fact that it appears that they are deeply in love with the man - but this still does not imply that it is therefore the Lord!

2,9. For the Lord is indeed faithful to His promises; and He can after all do not appear otherwise than He announced it to all of us through Purista! - Therefore tell us, dear father Enoch, who is this man and from where is he!"

2,10. In the same manner also the others came to Enoch and asked him the same.

2,11. But Adam still had another opinion; therefor he said with a very serious expression: "Enoch! the man looks a little suspicious to me; because the spectacle with the otherwise chastise and pure women does not seems right to me!

2,12. The destruction or the actually complete annihilation of Seth’s son, one can view as you like; the Lord could very easily have allowed the enemy of light to do such a thing temporarily to thoroughly examine us!

2,13. You seem to know the man, - but this is not enough to convince me since I do not know him yet; I have been burned many times before and therefore have become very shy of the fire at similar occurrences!

2,14. Therefore tell us more about the man, and make that we can get into the hut, otherwise the Lord’s appearance will be delayed for quite some time!

2,15. But by all opinions already spoken, this man can’t be the Lord, just as little as it could be one of us! Because if it would be Him, Purista would be as good as deceived! This you've got to see just as we do!

2,16. That the four are holding on to this man does not prove much! Because the women are frivolous and all together blind; if one has prayed for a decade and a strong temptation may come over her in the eleventh year, she will throw herself fully into the arms of the seducer! Also the woman is free and she can do what she wants.

2,17. Thus start talking about what you know; but do not make a long speech, so that we can get into the hut soon, await the Lord in it and thereby cut off the man’s opportunity to carry on with the four young pigeons to his pleasing! In general we must not be so lukewarm in divine things, otherwise the world will not exist beyond thousand years, as she has existed until now through my always inspired zeal for God!"

2,18. Only now did Enoch came to word and said: "Hear all of you, my dear fathers, brothers and children! You have put your tongue and the thoughts of your soul in great activity, but your hearts have remained completely dormant!

2,19. It seems that you have completely forgotten everything about my Sabbath speech from the Lord, if you do not understand the Lord’s promise to Purista!

2,20. What is the hut of Purista in which we should await the Lord at all times? Listen, our heart is the hut of Purista and the fire in it is our lively love for God!

2,21. Who of you has until now gone into this hut, and who has welcomed his brothers into the cabin and wanted to be the last and least among them?

2,22. No woman except Eva and Purista should enter the hut! That is to say: If we are standing in love to God and rest in our hearts, then we ought not to think of women and dim the love to God with the love for women, - except with motherly love and filial love, which does not cloud the love to God, but only provides a yardstick, as to how to love God! Do you understand this?

2,23. Sure, we were in the hut of Purista with our bodies, but our hearts were stuck to the women, and wondered: 'Why should not all women allowed into the hut'? No wonder then that the women made us such spectacle and in the end even drove us out of the hut. Do you understand this?

2,24. Since, however, the Lord is endlessly more merciful and faithful than we, He nevertheless, according to His promise, came to us; but He came to us resembling the constitution of our hearts. Women were in our hearts; He therefore also came to the women and engaged them since we were not present in our hut of Purista! Do you understand this?

2,25. The four pure lovers of the Lord, greatly shaming us, did in fact awaited Him in the true and living hut of Purista; therefore He also came to them first, and while we were still whetting our empty tongues, they already most blissfully enjoy the liveliest emanations of His grace, mercy and love! - Do you understand these things?

2,26. You still don’t know nothing of the depth; but the four for quite some time already are allowed to view most lucidly the most wonderful ways and guidances of the Lord! - Do you understand this?

2,27. You still ask and say: 'Who is this man?; but the four pure girls lie in His arms for a long time already and rejoice the holy, most loving Father! - Do you understand this?

2,28. But I do not say to you that the man is the Father, however, go to Him in your hearts, and you will recognize who the man is! - Do you understand this?

2,29. Yes, now you must understand it, if you are not blind as the center of the earth! - I have finished speaking; act accordingly and recognize your great blindness in the name of the Lord! Amen.

2,30. Only now all started to wake up and while knocking their chest they recognized what time it was.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-2 Chapter