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Chapter 200

200,1. The people in Hanoch, however, never got to see the new king; for he was soon under divine worship imprisoned in his castle and had nothing to do than to devour the best foods, to fornicate, and at most waive the death penalty of some stranger, - what he of course never could do with any of the locals. Because they usually knew what the circumstances of the king were.

200,2. But how was the waiving of the death penalty enacted?

200,3. The stranger, who already had made himself worthy of the death penalty according to the new laws, by getting closer to the city of Hanoch than a thousand steps without money, was immediately arrested by the henchmen and brought before the stern forum of the priests, in whose chest there was not even one atom of love to be found.

200,4. They asked him about the reason why he dared to get close to the holy city of God and of all the gods without money.

200,5. And if the unfortunate inquisit quite honestly confessed that he was very poor and therefore went to the great city to find some support, the priests explained to him that he thereby had himself made worthy of the death penalty; though it depended on the divine ruler of this city, as well as the whole world, if he wanted to spare his life or not.

200,6. Thereupon he was led by two henchmen and two under priests through an underground passage, to the king. Having arrived at the throne of the king, he had to lie down on his face and not say a word.

200,7. But the king automatically knew then what he had to do on such occasions. After a while he had to rise from the throne, he then had to curse the poverty three times, and then had to step quite roughly three times on the head of the mercy-seeker with the left foot, so that the mercy-seeker quite often began bleeding from the mouth and the nose. And this act was the happy liberation from the death penalty.

200,8. The so favored was then brought back via the same route before the forum of priests with a bloody face. The priests then praised, of course only pro forma, - the great kindness of the almighty ruler of the whole world and then said to the pardoned:

200,9. "You miserable beast of burden, since you received from the great all-powerful ruler of this city and the whole world such great grace, it is now your most conscientious duty to serve this holy city in gratitude for three full years as a real pull- and pack animal! You will therefore be sold for three years to some shopper, and the proceeds for you will serve as a little peace offering from your exceeding ignominy for the endless grace, which was given to you by the king!"

200,10. After this comforting lecture, messengers were sent out to call upper middle class shoppers. When they arrived punctually, the stranger was immediately given to the highest bidder and was provided with instructions, how to behave as a pack animal.

200,11. The instruction consisted thereof that as a beast of burden it was never allowed to speak a word sanctioned by bloody punishment, neither with its peers, nor with its high owner; it must never be sick and even less complain should it have a problem; furthermore, the beast of burden had to be satisfied with the food it receives and must be working tirelessly at work; and if it is chastised by its owners on certain occasions, it may on account of the death penalty not show any signs of insubordination and never weep or wail; and it is not allowed to wear clothes, but must always be naked.

200,12. After the lecture of such gentle instruction the foreigners was then handed to the purchaser and at once taken to the stables, where it often was swarming with rats and mice, and placed among the other beasts of burden.

200,13. This was usually the case with a poor man who had approached the city; only a rich man could enter the city, after proof of his treasure, but had to be very careful that he was not robbed.

200,14. But if someone came to see the city out of pure curiosity and had not enough money or other treasures, everything was taken away from him, and as a spy was either beaten to death or, if he was a strong man, was sold as a beast of burden without mercy and pardon.

200,15. If a poor girl was caught, she was immediately sold to the highest bidder as a whore and had to comply with everything the buyer desired; if she refused, it was coerced with sharp rods to abide.

200,16. This was the state in Hanoch and not much better in all other towns and cities which fell under Hanoch!

200,17. What further - the following will show!

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