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Chapter 201

201,1. But the priest sent whole caravans from Hanoch on expeditions, so that these missioned caravans should seek out in the remotest regions of the earth, nations or treasures which could be useful of the great treasure rooms of the mighty priests of Hanoch.

201,2. At the same time they also sent out race researchers whose task it was to investigate exactly in all cities and towns, who was a descendant of Kahin and who was a descendant of Seth from the heights.

201,3. For the priests, the nobles, as well as the king were all descendants of Seth from the heights, who were procreated with the daughters of the depths.

201,4. This investigation took five years, and it was found that the descendants of Seth exceeded the descendants of Kahin by nine-tenths; there hardly existed one-tenth of pure Kahinites among the Sethites.

201,5. The result of this investigation was, that all the Kahinites were called together and irrespective of their current state, they were turned into eternal slaves; and all their possessions became naturally the property of the priests.

201,6. The men who were still strong, became pack animals and the young and beautiful women and girls became whores of a large public brothel, where any man for a certain fee, which partly was used to maintain the brothel and partly to endow the priest fund, could make use of one or the other; but the old and weak were destroyed, male and female.

201,7. The fruit of this study was therefore very profitable; but the fruit of the missioned caravans to find countries, nations and treasures was not very yielding.

201,8. They indeed found the Sihinites (China), the Meduhedites (Japan), as well as in Africa the already numerous descendants of the emigrant councilors, but they were served badly everywhere; for they either had to stay wherever they went and then were used for the most menial tasks, or death was their lot.

201,9. A small caravan of a hundred men, on their way back home, unfortunately came by the house of Noha on the heights and immediately demanded a large tribute from him; for they said:

201,10. "You hardly live a day's journey from the holy city of God, of which you are apparently its subject and have never paid a single coin tribute! Therefore pay now for at least a hundred years, namely one pound gold per year equalling in total one hundred pounds! If you do not pay, you're going to be sold, including your household, and thrown into the slave ring!"

201,11. But Noha lifted his hand up and said: "O You my God, You my beloved, holy Father! See, now Your servant needs Your help; deliver me from the hands of these beasts of prey!"

201,12. When Noha barely had spoken these words, a powerful lightning flash struck the midst of the caravan, who - as already said - only on their way back from the wild regions of the present day Europe came across the house of Noha, and killed three men of the caravan.

201,13. And Noha asked the somewhat startled caravan: "Are you still standing by your most unjustified demand?”

201,14. And the caravan affirmed such with a hideous screaming.

201,15. And Noha raised his hand again, and ten lightning flashes struck the caravan, killing thirty men and as many camels.

201,16. And Noha asked again those who were still alive: "Are you still standing by your demand?”

201,17. Except for ten men, all the others confirmed their demand.

201,18. And Noha, very excited, hit with his foot the earth, and the earth opened up and swallowed everyone, dead and alive, except for the ten men who had not repeated their demand.

201,19. The remaining ten were filled with great horror and they begged Noah for mercy and to spare their life!

201,20. But Noha said: "Go and tell it to all the devils in depths, what you have witnessed here, and tell them: The measure of your abomination is full! The Lord has decided to send His judgement over all their world! Only a short time yet, and they who sent you to me, together with their whole kingdom and nations, will be no more; with the judgment of God I will pay them the tribute! Amen."

201,21. Thereupon the ten fled!

201,22. What further - the following!

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