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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-202 Chapter

Chapter 202

202,1. When these ten refugees arrived in the depths and approached the city Hanoch, at once a whole bunch of henchmen and soldiers stopped them and asked them from where they came, what their intention were and how many treasures they had.

202,2. But the ten said: "We are envoys of this city and are returning from an expedition which we had to undertake about five years ago! We made a really important discovery which we have to report to the priests; therefore let us go forth unimpeded, if you do not want to be sold as beasts of burden tomorrow!

202,3. As you can see, our ten camels are laden with large treasures; therefore you will do well, if you give us from here to the priests a safe conduct! For what the camels carry, belongs to the priests; but we carry our gold in the bags of our garment. Thus go and protect us from robbers and thieves and you shall be praised by us before the powerful priests!"

202,4. After this speech the henchmen and soldiers were appeased and accompanied the ten scouts to the priests.

202,5. When the ten arrived at the priests, instantly a sharp examination was conducted, starting with the investigation of the treasures, which were on the backs of the camels.

202,6. When the treasures were accepted as fully validated, the bags of the messengers were examined, to make sure that they had enough to protect them from the slave caste.

202,7. It was found, however, that they had three times as much as was needed to liberate them from the slave class. Therefore, they had to surrender two-thirds; for meanwhile a law was released whereby every low class citizen was allowed to possess only the required amount of gold to simply protect him from the slave class. Since these messengers were also from the lower citizen class, the law applied also to them.

202,8. Only after this exam were they asked what discoveries they had made.

202,9. And one of the ten who was a good speaker and not unversed in politics, replied:

202,10. »Great mightiest servants of all gods and faithful keepers of the books of Kinkar! We saw countries with golden mountains; but no soul inhabits the same. - But this is the least!

202,11. We found streams and brooks in which flows wine, milk and honey, and found forests where fried apples are growing! - But that is also not the most!

202,12. For we also found the path which leads to the stars, and found there so endlessly beautiful virgins that we lost our senses! - But this is still not the most!

202,13. We also found near the path to the stars so terrible gigantically big people, that, if only one of them came here, with the greatest ease he would crush with one step our whole city! But that is still not the most!

202,14. Hear! From here hardly a small day trip on a mountain lives a very old man! Everything around us is for a long time already submissive to us, - only this man's house and people are not! Never has he paid only one coin to us!

202,15. We found him and forced him to pay the long in arear tribute.

202,16. But - alas! This man is surely a God! When we insisted on our demand, he raised his hand and immediately a thousand lightning flashes came down on us and killed all hands! He then stomped onto the ground and it opened up and swallowed all those killed, including camels and treasures of an immeasurable value.

202,17. But we fled and the awful man shouted behind us: 'Tell that to the devils in the depths!'

202,18. Highest great mighty servant of all the gods! This is our yield from A to Z; make of it what you want, - but let us go home!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-202 Chapter