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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-203 Chapter

Chapter 203

203,1. But the priests said: "If the matter seriously stands as you said - especially the discovery of the gold mountains - you have made an infinitely important discovery, provided that the way to them is not too far and not subjected to too many difficulties! If only those giants do not dominate these mountains?!

203,2. But concerning the old man on the heights, we let him be as he is, if we are not capable to catch him in a fine manner; because it is not a good thing to deal with such wizards and there exists no power to encounter them!

203,3. But we swear it to you that you will become priests, if you're able to win over this wizard by trickery! Because through his spell power we very easily could get hold of the gold mountains, provided that he could also fight those giants with the power of the elements, as he has fought your colleagues, and especially assuming that your statement regarding this magician is true!

203,4. For you are cunning foxes! It can easily be the case that your companions, of whom you said that they were killed by this magician, made off with the great treasures and have settled anywhere on earth to found a completely independent kingdom! - But woe to you if we will find out about it"!

203,5. But the scouts replied: "If the truth of our testimony depends on the existence of this demigod and his actions towards our companions, then just send reliable messengers up to him, or visit him yourself, - and you can had us chastise to death with burning rods if the matter is different from what we have told you sadly and terribly enough!

203,6. But as this is true and you will also confirm it, you can afterwards also judge our other statements! But we do not want to put either a yes nor a no to it; investigate and judged for yourself!"

203,7. But when the priests were given such a speech by the messengers, they said to them: "We have concluded from your speech that you have spoken the truth from beginning to end; therefore, according to our power of full- and omnipotence we appoint you to real envoys and lift you out of the lower citizen class into the middle class where you are allowed to carry weapons! But for that you have to see to it that the magician becomes a useful friend of us!"

203,8. And the messengers said: "We will do what is possible; but we can never ever warrant any success! For just as this man had our companions destroyed by lightning and splitting of the earth, he can do the same to us and to all of you, should he even in the slightest become aware of it!

203,9. What if he stomps with his foot on the ground in the direction of Hanoch and the earth divides and engulfs us all and the city in an infinite abyss?! What then?

203,10. Therefore, we are of the opinion that it would be surely more advisable to let this highly dangerous individual unperturbed, than in any way try to search for him, since we can not know whether he is able to see through our plans and what his reaction towards us will be!

203,11. However, - if you insist to carry out your request, we will comply; but it is impossible to warrant any success!"

203,12. And the priests said: "Good, we accept your point; your judgment is good! We therefore want to call together a great council after three days, and what then will be decided we will act accordingly; but you shall be present at the council and will therefore need to put on priestly garments and you will be incorporated into our caste!

203,13. For now, though, go home; get everything there in order and come then with wife and children here to the council!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-203 Chapter