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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-204 Chapter

Chapter 204

204,1. When the ten left the building of the priests, they were flabbergasted among themselves and said:

204,2. "Now we can clearly see where the shoes of our priesthood are too tight! Their heaven, which they are preaching to all the people, consists of gold; to gain access to it, they take to the most extraordinary measures!

204,3. Who has ever experienced anything similar during the times when the priesthood has taken over all the power and rule, that someone is lifted from the lower citizen class into the highest caste of the priests?!

204,4. We are now been given this enormous luck! Why then? - Because we understood how to lie, except for the only true event on the heights!

204,5. But we smell the fine roast already, namely whereto this matter with our forthcoming priesthood is heading! But just wait you gold-robed foxes, - your plan with us that we should pave you the way to the golden hills and make you partners, will become damned hot for you! Already with the first step you surely will want to withdraw your devil’s feet! But it will be too late; for we will pour a sea of flames over you, from which you will not escape!

204,6. We indeed will have to face a great fire pile and stand in front of an endless deep abyss, which they constructed underground and filled with snakes and all kinds of poisonous vermin, and make the most gruesome trust vows until we will be thrown into priestly garments, - but this will not limit our case! We will indeed swear with our mouths, but at the same time cursing in the chest - and in this way the priesthood will have attached a tumor to their body which no god will be able to cure!

204,7. We will clear a path to the golden mountains of our cleverness, and the entire priesthood will need to walk on it, - but in the background we will have the giants of our indignation and our anger lurking at them! And once the fine flock is approaching this burning background, then a sign - understood! -, and the giants will emerge with invincible power and crush under their treads this whole brood!

204,8. And only then we will show the people the way to the stars, and it lead to a country in itself, where to find the most beautiful virgins of pure recognitions, and in a country where wine, honey and milk is flowing as a true enthusiasm for genuine truths and everything that is good!

204,9. And the fried apples they will find on the tree of life and the true, pure knowledge thereof!

204,10. We stick to it; but a curse on any traitor among us! For now it is up to us, and according to our plan we can save ourselves and all the people from certain destruction; Therefore let us all like one for himself among us, and the work must succeed!

204,11. So far we have succeeded to deceive the priesthood to such an extent that they even made us priests, which will give us even more leeway to much easier lead these wretches astray, so that finally nothing will remain of them than perhaps a historical name!

204,12. Such we have decided and such will be implemented by us punctually and faithfully! Amen, among us amen!"

204,13. Only after this conspiracy did the ten went to their respective homes and arranged everything and then returned with wife and children to the college of the priests for the upcoming large council meeting.

204,14. But what happened there, the following will show.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-204 Chapter