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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-205 Chapter

Chapter 205

205,1. About five thousand of the most senior priests were gathered in the large open hall, which was built in the manner of an amphitheater, and were waiting for the ten scouts with great longing and greed.

205,2. When they also entered this open hall with somewhat anxious expectations, they were immediately surrounded by the priests and lead to an underground passage where at the end a large fire could be seen.

205,3. They were led closer and closer to this fire and soon discovered from a certain distance, that in the midst of this mighty flames were howling, firered people.

205,4. But the fire was only a mirage fire, similar to what is accomplished at present in theaters by transparents, a turning wheel and finely painted flames; only was here in Hanoch the illusion so perfect that anybody in a certain vicinity could not see anything else but a most real, mighty fire, which of course did not had the slightest heat.

205,5. When our ten caught sight of this tremendous spectacle they began to feel very strange. They would have liked to ask: "What is this? Who are those howling in there?", but right at the entrances they were emphatically urged to keep quiet with everything they are going to see, otherwise it will be happening to them!

205,6. From the fire they were led to another tunnel and soon arrived at a forty fathoms deep and ninety fathoms in circumference hole, fenced off with railings at the top.

205,7. The priest lit here pitched bundles of straw and threw them down into the abyss; this lit the hole and a lot of vermin could be seen at the bottom as well as many gnawed skeleton, and it was of course impossible to discerned whether this were human or animal remains. But they were all from animals, however, very large animals; for human skeletons would not have been so easily visible at a depth of forty fathoms.

205,8. Because here everything was fraudulent and aimed at creating great fear. and so also the snakes and other vermin were artificially formed and had a mechanical movement; because the natural species would not be that easily visible at such depth, which could be accessed by a secret but very spacious spiral staircase in order to direct the mechanism of the snakes, dragons and crocodiles there.

205,9. This basin was built underneath a natural cave whose large spaciousness contributed to the size reputation of the abyss.

205,10. Now, if one considers these two deceptive appearances and the laymen next to it, it will not be difficult to understand what terrible fear came over our ten messengers, when they had to swear at the abyss, to comply with all ordinances of the high priests without the slightest demur, if they did not want to be thrown alive either into the hellfire or into this abyss.

205,11. The ten therefore vowed out of fear with their mouths, but the more fiercely they cursed in their chests, saying to themselves: "Just let us get out into the open once again and you get a taste of this abyss and your hell itself!”

205,12. After this oath the ten were again led back to the large open hall and were clothed with under-priestly garments, after which the great council meeting started.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-205 Chapter