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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-206 Chapter

Chapter 206

206,1. In the middle of the hall was a six ell high rostrum. The ten messengers had to stand on it together with ten high priests. The other priests stood in crowded circles around this stage; first, of course, the high priests and in wider circles the under-priests.

206,2. One of the high priest on the stage stood before the ten, and said: "You know it, and we all know what you have spoken to us! You are now priests yourself and it lies now in your interest as well as in ours that we seize the gold mountains and therefore build a safe passage to it, - whatever the matter will cost!

206,3. To you alone the way is known; it is thus now up to you to accomplish this over important matter for our gold chambers and our general interest!

206,4. If you could persuade the infamous magician on the heights with money and good words to serve our purpose, it will be well and good; but if you can’t do it, we still have over two million fighters and in case of need more than four million slaves, who we can turn into fighters whenever we want. And like many ants can even master a lion, we will also master with our superior number of fighters the giants who might be watching over those golden mountains!

206,5. This is our view; but let us hear what is yours!"

206,6. And one of the ten came forward and spoke on behalf of all of his nine comrades:

206,7. "Your plan, your intentions and your advice, dear colleagues is commendable, and now as your naturally co-interested brothers we can only laud it; but if it can be as easily as you suppose be implemented, we doubt very much!

206,8. Moreover, we ten have discussed it yesterday: Let’s suppose the case, we succeed to conquer the thousand mighty big gold mountains, which lie beyond the large seas in a very strange world, we asked ourselves what benefit does this creates for us! By this great mass of gold the value of this noble precious metal might become as valuable as the street refuse?!

206,9. It will be said: 'That we will try to prevent and also be able to prevent, so that except for us no one else will find the way to the golden mountains!'

206,10. 'But how?', we ask. Will we as priests ourselves go there with camels, chip off the gold from the steep mountains with sharp tools and haul the gold to here in a three year long journey?

206,11. If we undertake this alone, what wry faces will we pull should it happen to meet the giants who will not only take away all the gold, but also instantly crush us between their fingers like a bug?!

206,12. However,if we take a necessarily large number of men with us, consisting of one million fighters and they see the golden mountains, will they not kill us and take possession of these valuable mountains themselves?!

206,13. Whatever we do we will go from bad to worse! As entrepreneurs we will empty our treasuries to a minimum and will not gain anything; and should we succeed the value of all our treasures - as already noted - will fall below the value of street refuge.

206,14. We are therefore of the opinion to simply let go of this undertaking and look for a more favorable opportunity! But that's only our advice; you can still do whatever you want and we are your servants and will always obey you faithfully in everything!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-206 Chapter