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Chapter 207

207,1. But the chief priests said; "We can see from this your speech quite well that you have our common interest at heart and that in all seriousness you have a profound subject- and world knowledge; but that you more out of fear for repeated travel dangers, than an actual fear for the giants are trying to dissuade us from reaching those gold mountains, was quite obvious from the very first beginning of your speech!

207,2. For behold, if those giants would be such terrible beings who certainly must have seen you since you have seen them, certainly not one of you would have returned, like the other caravans which were sent out simultaneously with you but have not returned as yet, and it therefore must be assumed that they have perished badly.

207,3. But you all would have returned safely despite the terrible giants, if you had behaved a little smarter at the magician on the heights!

207,4. Behold, this is our opinion! Justify yourself against it if you can!"

207,5. And one of the ten said: "High mighty chief colleagues of our humble self in front of you! You will have to forgive us in advance this time, if we have to counteract this your objection and to straightly show you with a very few words that you have completely misunderstood us, and have not understood by a distance what we have spoken to you!

207,6. Did we mentioned anything in particular to indicate that we must fall into the hands of these giants during such undertaking?! We only postulated the slight possibility, for these terrible giants are living just behind those gold mountains! We saw them from hidden lairs where they couldn’t see us, we then loaded the gold on to our camels at night and also left under the cover of darkness.

207,7. Thus we managed to escape unharmed this once, and this perhaps our gold robbery was probably the first time it occurred at these priceless mountains! But if this first robbery at these mountains has been certainly noticed by now by these watchful giants, we ask if a second attempt will also be so successful!

207,8. Or can we know whether these giants are already following our tracks and pursue us?! Or they might have constructed such a bulwark around these enormous gold mountains, that even an eagle will get dizzy to fly over it?!

207,9. Or have they violently pierced the narrow sandbank of land which connects this world with the other, to separate the two pieces of land by mighty waters which we will not be able to wade through!

207,10. Behold, we only hinted at that when mentioning the dangerous fight with the giants!

207,11. But ask yourselves, if you have understood us in this way! We do not deny the possibility that we could go back to these mountains or at least get near them, but you also have to understand that this undertaking is subject to extraordinary expenses and with highly uncertain profits, while exposed to a thousand dangers!

207,12. Should we therefore sacrifice our two million combatants for nothing at all and thereby lose all our power? That surely would be crazy!

207,13. But if you do want to do something, then take the worthless slaves and send them under our leadership to the mountains. If they are lost then we have lost nothing; and should they succeed, we have won manyfold! - Think about that!”

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-207 Chapter