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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-208 Chapter

Chapter 208

208,1. But the high priests, somewhat outranking the senior priests, and who earlier on were standing in the front row of the hall, walked on to the pulpit and directed the following words to the senior priest:

208,2. "Listen to us; because it is too important what we have to say to you! These ten, which you have made lower priests, are looking highly suspicious to us!

208,3. In the background they plan evil against us all! They set it up very cleverly to lead us up the garden path, but do not consider that a high priest is omniscient and is able to look at the most secret thoughts of people.

208,4. We have done that and have discovered evil over evil in them against us; therefore do not trusts them! They are tigers in sheepskins!

208,5. They may have experienced on their expedition everything they told us; but as yet we have no other proof than their own narrative to blind us! Therefore, we advise you to convince yourself at least of one fact, before entrusting any powers to them - otherwise we are beaten!

208,6. Their refusal to accept our faithful fighters and their request for the slaves who hate us more than the bitterest ill-treatment, appears to have a very different reason than what they a little embarrassed presented to us! Therefore be on your guard because we omniscient high priests have spoken to you! "

208,7. This objection made the senior priests seriously rethink their position and even more so the ten who felt very much affected by it.

208,8. And one of the senior priest turned to the speaker of the ten and said: "Have you heard the testimony of an omniscient about you? How do you want to justify yourself?"

208,9. The speaker, however, a cunning fine fellow, soon recovered and said: "High mighty colleagues! The omniscience of those high priests is just a smokescreen; for as omniscient they are, we are too! Politics has never been omniscience and never will be forever! Only bad guys are intimidated by those kind of tricks, but never a righteous man!

208,10. If they had been omniscient, they would not have advised you to be careful, but they would have damned us to the hellfire from the outset; for they would have known it from the very beginning that we are tigers in sheepskins! Why then did they agreed with you to promote us to the priesthood?

208,11. Then: Would they be all-knowing, they surely would have told you what has happened on the heights at the magician; but since they are not all-knowing, they advise you to convince yourself by other means if our statements are true or not!

208,12. In addition we also ask you the senior priests: Do you believe yourself that they are omniscient, then why do you not ask them, that they tell you, what happened on the heights? And why do you not believe them to the letter and at once cast us either into the fire or into the abyss?

208,13. But to beat those omniscient on the head, we hereby declare that we will not move one step until you have not at least inquired on the heights yourself whether we have told you the truth or not!

208,14. And even then we will only start the journey to the gold mountains subject to several of you accompanying us and half of the fighter force will consist of regular soldiers and the other half composed of slaves! And if this still looks suspicious to them, we will not set a foot over the threshold! - And this is our final position!”

208,15. The high priests sat there with very pitiful faces. But the senior priests sided with the ten and approved their reason; because they realized that the ten were right and trusted them completely. But to the high priests they said, that henceforth they should not involve themselves in such matters that did not concern them; for their cause was only the ceremonial honoring of the king.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-208 Chapter