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Chapter 21

21,1. When the Lord heard this from Satana, He became excited and said, "What worldly nonsense are you talking about; what an evil foolishness escapes your horribly deceitful mouth?!

21,2. If it would be as you said, see, there would be no earth; no Adam could walk on it; no sun shone on the firmament, and no moon and no other star could decorate in the face of the Earth the endless wide space of creation!

21,3. But since you only take refuge to malicious accusations and thus lies with every word, there is in fact an earth, an Adam on it, and the endless space of creation is full of My divine honor, love, mercy and grace!

21,4. You speak as if you had no heart, and say, that through Adam I have taken from you your heart, and that you want it back now; tell Me, the Creator, whether or not you are living! - You say: ‘Lord, I live!’

21,5. Could you also live without the heart, which in every being must be the foundation of all life, without which no life is conceivable? Could you breathe, think, feel and talk without the foundation of life in you? - You say: ‘No, o Lord!’

21,6. Well - since this is undoubtedly true, how does this fit the accusation, according to which I should have robbed you of your heart?

21,7. Behold, you're now again stand before Me in silence and do not know anything to say that is the truth! But I tell you that you were always a liar and did not want to speak the truth, although it has never been withheld from you!

21,8. Have you not been called first to change your nature in the body of Adams which I formed?! But you did not wanted - completely free out of yourself - do what would have been sanctimonious for you, but instead aspired to become a woman!

21,9. Soon I let you be free and formed you from the body of Adam, one flesh with him, while I breathed a new living soul into Adam and thus created him according to My image spiritually.

21,10. In Eva you were supposed to be transformed and to defeat your self-perverted nature of death and judgment.

21,11. Only, you scorned this My institution of mercy, made yourself independent and found it better, as a deceitful snake which is without sexual difference and carries in it its poisonous mating slaver, to ensnare your former flesh, then allure the by Me newly awakened Eva and through her to deceive Adam!

21,12. Tell Me, did I have taken through Adam your heart?! - Your guilty silence is only outwardly but I can see your inner fury which says: ‘Yes, I have the heart of Adam and Eve together in me! Nevertheless, I do not want you, God, for I hate You arbitrarily because You do not want to make me the autocratic ruler and omnipotent player!' Behold, these are your words!

21,13. You also think, I could impossibly love you because I do not grant you what you desire.

21,14. But I tell you: My aim is the eternal preservation of all things, and that is the eternal work of My love! But you only want to destroy everything; if so, I of course can not love you ever in this way, as you want to be loved in this all conceited manner!

21,15. But I love you nevertheless; for what I have done so far, I have done for your sake - and will still do the greatest!

21,16. If you then still ignore My eternal love, then My love for you will come to an end forever, and I then will show you what an all angry God is capable of!

21,17. Fire is My base element. All things have been created through the power of My fire; and in this same fire you shall be cast and make it work for you, if you are able to!

21,18. If I let the flesh of man die, if his spirit should enter into life, then this is a quite small death; but you will find in My fire an endlessly large one, and it then will show how much of you is not killed in my fire!

21,19. What does the perishing of the flesh mean? Nothing but a release of the spirit, thus his resurrection from death to a true, most perfect life!

21,20. But will your big death and downfall from Me into the fire also give you a new resurrection? - For this question I absolutely do not find an answer in Me; because I then want to leave you entirely to yourself and not do anything for you, and after eternities it will then show, what has become of you by your own power.

21,21. But even the death of the flesh and its pain is not My, but your work!

21,22. But I nevertheless will know how to protect My own from any adversity and will take their body in such a way, so that they never ever have to complain about it!

21,23. Even the creature aspect between Me and them I will know how to bring it into such a balance, so that people will grow into true brothers for Me; but then also the final time will have come for you!

21,24. So that you can realize that I also can use your pernicious counsel without disturbing My order, advise Me, so that you never can say that I do not take note of any foreign advice, since I am a sole Ruler!

21,25. Thus speak so that I can fully show you how I act for the good of all creation forever! Amen. "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-21 Chapter