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Chapter 210

210,1. The senior priests now fully supported the release and arming of the slaves to conquer the gold mountains; but another fatal circumstance prevailed here, and this consisted therein, that namely this sad caste was the full property of the aristocrats and the priesthood had to re-purchase the slaves if they wanted them back. To reclaim the slaves by just a decree would be too risky, since the aristocrats were too powerful and regarded the priests for not much higher than itself and only tolerated and supported them for pure political considerations.

210,2. Since the priests of course knew this, even if only very secretly, they were now again in a pinch and did not know what to do. To reveal to the ten such deepest political secrets, they regarded as not advisable; to thus promote them to senior priests and then divulge all other secrets to them, was a matter that was even harder to execute.

210,3. They therefore argued this matter back and forth but did not know what they should do here.

210,4. "Violence is not advisable!" They said. "Because we know where we stand! - Repurchase? What shuddering thought! Four million slaves! Only two pounds of gold for every slave, equals eight million pounds! Add to it the equipment and the sum becomes unpronounceable!

210,5. To ask the ten for their advice again? How would we expose ourselves in front of them! - Promoting them thereat to senior priests? For this they are way too honest and exceptionally clever! Would they be let in on our loose political network, they would become a louse in the fur from which we could never cleanse ourselves anymore!

210,6. Verily, in this matter good advice is expensive! We cannot go back on our word; the slaves must be freed and armed! But how? This is an entirely different question, to which no Satan can find a practical answer!"

210,7. But one of the ten had an extremely fine hearing and heard some of the things which the senior priests whispered among themselves, and therefore said quietly to the others:

210,8. "Listen, we already have them in our hands! The matter is running a cause where I wanted it to be anyway; now only steadfast and victory is in our hands!

210,9. The old man on the heights said that we should proclaim these things to the devils in the depths! We have done that, and see they are already all confused! I knew the circumstances of the slaves quite well; that is why I asked for them! There is no other way out for them than to repurchase the slaves; they can impossibly renege on their word!

210,10. This will be airing their gold chambers quite a lot and will terribly weaken them; for they will then no longer be able to maintain a force of two million fighters! But we will have a ferocious, terrible force in our hands and will quench their thirst for the gold mountains for all eternity!

210,11. Most likely they will come to us for another advice; that we will give them the very best they can be fully assured of!

210,12. O just wait, you gold-robed beasts, we will still teach you to sing a tune which no devil will be able to imitate!

210,13. But quiet now; they already coming to us!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-210 Chapter