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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-211 Chapter

Chapter 211

211,1. When the speaker of the ten had barely stopped speaking, the senior priests were already in front of him with very embarrassed faces and asked him as follows:

211,2. "Listen to us; for it is of great importance what we now wish to hear from you!

211,3. Behold, the arming of the slaves would be quite right; but they are all in their capacity of beasts of burden the purchased property in the hands of the aristocrats of the cities and the whole kingdom! Naturally we could reclaim them with our omnipotence, and nobody could stop us; but next to our omnipotence we are also the righteousness itself and impossibly could carry out such an illegal act!

211,4. You now know how things are standing! You're smart people, formulate an advice by which we could reach our goal in the easiest and best manner! For this we can see irrefutable that all the slaves must be armed; but how to obtain the slaves legally is an entirely different question! It is to this question we we would like to hear from you a very clever answer!"

211,5. And the speaker of the ten got up and said: "High mighty servants of the Gods! We have understood you well; but we also must draw your attention to what we have said to you at the outset, namely: The undertaking will certainly cost a great deal of money, for which the eventual big profits are still far out of reach and the question remains whether we will can get hold of it!

211,6. With the power of four million soldiers it is indeed highly unlikely not to succeed; but we still not have the winning gold in the bag and therefore cannot promise anybody to become a co-beneficiary if he would make a contribution to this grandiose undertaking.

211,7. For if you would say to one or the other: 'Give us your slaves for the intended undertaking! If we are successful you will receive four pounds of gold for each slave!'

211,8. Then the addressed person who is promised to become a co-beneficiary, will say: The undertaking is quite laudable; but it is too far away, too uncertain and the risk is far too great! Therefore, we can not risk anything in advance! But what we want to do, to not hinder such an enterprise, lies therein, that we want to hand over to you all the slaves for a price of two pounds of gold or twenty-five pounds of silver per head! If the slaves come back, we will take them back and reimburse you the inset price; if they don’t come back you have to give us either fresh ones in equal numbers, if you want your inset amount or the inset will remain ours!'

211,9. Behold, this is the infallible voice of all the great slave owners! Just try it and we want to go into the fire, if they act differently!

211,10. Therefore, there are only two alternatives left, to either let go of the whole undertaking or, on behalf of all the gods who rule the earth, to bite the bullet!"

211,11. And the senior priests said: "Good! Letting-go of this undertaking is no option; but tomorrow we want to listen to some of the aristocrats of this great city! But woe unto you, if they will talk differently than what you just have told us!"

211,12. And the speaker said: "You can be lucky if they will not insist on any bigger claims; but I think they will make the matter much more difficult for you! For us there certainly is no woe; but that you will not cry a little woe, if you will hear the surely higher demands, the day of tomorrow will tell us!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-211 Chapter