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Chapter 212

212,1. And the senior priests said very grim faced: "You already seem to cheer in advance about our unsuccessful attempt?! Be careful not to cheer too soon!"

212,2. And the speaker of the ten said: "We do not rejoice in the least; but if you threaten us with ‘woe you’ for nothing at all and for giving you a sound advice, we think it is not inappropriate to add a favorable justification to your hasty ‘woe’ call, which over emphasizes what we hinted to you on a small scale!

212,3. But now nothing further; we will be silent now and wait and see what the day of tomorrow will bring!"

212,4. Upon this comment the senior priests were quite taken aback and left the stage, and the ten also went to their dwellings.

212,5. But the senior priests immediately sent out a thousand heralds to summon all the great aristocrats of Hanoch to appear in the large open council chamber the next day.

212,6. The next morning the large council chamber was teeming with mighty aristocrats of the city; but none of them knew yet why they have been called.

212,7. Some thought that the priests had arranged for another big slave auction; others thought that a new law was going to be introduced or even even new taxes be enforced. And so they guessed in anticipation back and forth, what would become of this convocation; but no one knew the real reason.

212,8. And after been given a sign, the ten with the other junior priests entered from the one side, and after a while also the senior priests, bristling with gold and precious stones, entered from the other side.

212,9. In the crowd the ten were asked by the aristocrats what was to be expected.

212,10. And the ten said: "Nothing else than merely repurchasing the slaves! Demand proper prices, otherwise you all go under!"

212,11. This hint spread like wildfire among the aristocrats, and they were now well prepared for what was coming.

212,12. The ten now remained standing at the bottom of the steps of the great stage and waited for the shining senior priests. After a while they appeared with great ceremony and went onto the stage while repeatedly shouting ‘Hurra’.

212,13. When this rampaging salute came to an end, a strong-voiced senior priest opened his mouth and said:

212,14. "Listen to me, you great-glorious aristocrats of the empire! The messengers sent out by us have discovered in a very distant land mountains, which are made of pure gold, of which they brought us a rich sample!

212,15. But these magnificent mountains are inhabited by monstrous giants who are likely to be very strong. To combat them and to assure us of the gold mountains, we need a strong force, at least as a precaution, because we can not know how strong those giants are!

212,16. In order to set up this great force, we need all the slaves! But it is now a matter under which conditions you are going to give us the slaves. Do you want to cede them to us by sharing the the profit or for a cheap refund? - This is the reason why we are here and thus give us a good answer! Let it be done!"

212,17. When the aristocrats heard such, they said, "Listen, the discovery should be very much respected for mountains of pure gold are indeed not a trifle matter -; but the good project is too far away, therefore we certainly can not share the assured profit!

212,18. But to be no hindrance to such brilliant undertaking, we'll cede you on averages every male slave for a cheap restitution of five pounds of gold, and every female slave for three pounds!

212,19. If they come back, we are going to take them back for one third of the inset price! We believe that this condition is fair?"

212,20. Here the ten cheered secretly; but the senior priests almost fell in despair and did not know what to say to such high prices. They therefore called the ten onto the stage.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-212 Chapter