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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-213 Chapter

Chapter 213

213,1. When the ten came onto the stage they were immediately surrounded by the senior priests and addressed with the following question:

213,2. "We now fully realize that you have a clear insight in all matters; because your words from yesterday perfectly resembles that what the aristocrats demanded in an unmerciful way!

213,3. We are going, because we have to, accept such conditions, although it will cost us two-thirds of our gold; but for that reason we are asking you now and demand the most conscientious answer, at how many pounds you estimate such a gold mountain is, and how many pounds, if the matter proceeds favorably, can be brought here in the course of four to five years!

213,4. Due to your sharp mind, you now enjoy our full confidence and this means tremendously much; do not dare to abused this and give us a completely true answer!"

213,5. When the ten heard such a question from the senior priests they thought jubilantly by themselves: "Only now you are completely in our hands! You will receive an answer which should fit your stupid question, like a big turban on a small head; but what lies behind this answer, will bring you death and destruction! But such message will remain hidden from your stupidity until such time when it will be revealed to your satan-faces in reality!"

213,6. After this contemplation the speaker came to the front and said: "But, you highly powerful servants of all gods! What little thought over question is now again! You are senior priests - and still you ask, how many pounds a tremendous goldberg is weighing?! Only try to partly weigh the smallest mountain and we are sure you will run out of patience before finish weighing its many thousand million pounds! But what then is such a small hill compared to an enormous mountain range, as there is none in our vicinity?!

213,7. Ask yourselves whether it is possible to determine its weight! In addition, we already told you at the very beginning that conquering these mountains, must bring the value of gold down below that of street refuge! By that we surely have said enough?! For this world seems to be made from pure gold, just as the world we are inhabiting is made from bare soil! We now believe, according to our faithfulness to you, it will not be necessary to say anything further about it!

213,8. How many pounds every one who is accompanying us can carry without getting hurt, you hopefully will be able to calculate as good as we do! About thirty pounds per person on averages will not be an exaggeration?! But if we can add extra camels, the weight can be tripled! Do you want even more?"

213,9. And the senior priests said: "O no, no; since we are the good frugality itself! If only one transport can yield that much and we become owners of these gold mountains, we will have indeed enough! After that we will maintain an annual transport, by which we hope to yield every year at least the same amount; and the matter will go well, especially if we bring our frugality into the equation! And in such assured hope we shall now turn to the the somewhat bitter tasting task of redeeming the slaves!"

213,10. The ten now cheered even more secretly.

213,11. But the senior priests turned to the aristocrats, saying: "After proper consideration we have decided to accept your offer; therefore make it known throughout. From tomorrow the buyback will begin and will continue for thirty days! Who will bring his slaves until then, will receive the negotiated amount; after this time everybody will be punished tenfold with the additional loss of all his slaves. Let it be done!"

213,12. With that this assembly was concluded, and all left the council chamber.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-213 Chapter