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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-215 Chapter

Chapter 215

215,1. The already completely dehumanized slaves but this phenomenon was inexplicable, and they did not know what would come of it.

215,2. The senior priests said to the ten: "Well, the first work is completed! All slaves Male and female sex from all parts of our empire are redeemed. Our great palaces along the walls of our city are filled with the slaves and those cared for there. But what happens now? "

215,3. And the ten languages: "Well, Give us four thousand experienced in the management of arms Men! With this we want to drag ten and want for the time being open to the redeemed, why they were redeemed. And secondly, we want to divide four weapons skilled in every palace, to be perfectly practiced by all slaves of both sexes in the leadership of the weapons in the shortest possible time, and that the male part in the management of severe and the female part in the leadership of the light weapons; because without such practice they are not going to need it! "

215,4. The senior priests but said, "It's all all right so; But where do we get at once so many blind (blunt) weapon? For to this end once clinging simply take the new sharp weapons from our large armories, would be really something unwise and uneconomical and even dangerous! For this caste has an old Grimm on us; Now, if you would get a sudden sharp weapons in their hands, because it is unlikely we fare well!

215,5. Therefore, they should be in our opinion, first practiced with the ordinary dummy weapons of wood and straw; and if they know how to perform these and otherwise have made their own the right discipline of a fighter, and only then, we think you are the right weapons are entrusted! Are you not agree? "

215,6. And the ten languages: "Too much caution is as bad as too little! So you think of a possible revenge of these people, since it needs no weapons for a mass of more than four million people! When she stands up against us, they already overwhelmed us with their seriousness; and would the slaves in the sense that, since they had already invaded us!

215,7. Let but the whole thing just completely reassured us, and we are with our lives that you see in the course of a Monde all the slaves very well armed protract will, without them even a fly will be offended! "

215,8. In this speech agreed the senior priests for the once sharp weapons and gave the ten four thousand weapons expert men.

215,9. With these ten attracted the very next day, to the expectant in the most intense expectation slaves who did not know because as already mentioned at the beginning - what of this phenomenon (namely their redemption) should be.

215,10. The ten were distributed so that as each one hundred palaces took over, and shared on the same day the Weapons (trainers) a.

215,11. When the ten but in the palaces, the slaves were coming to him, they were at once assailed with anxious questions, what is to become of them.

215,12. And the ten languages everywhere: "Be patient; We are your savior and liberator from your hard chains of slavery!

215,13. Now you will be trained in the weapons a moon (month) at good food; then we will go out to beat a great nation, this is worse than any hell, but otherwise quite cowardly, stupid and effeminate! And then we will, as now the last to be the masters of the world! If you will be fully knowledgeable weapons only, then you ought to know more! "

215,14. This customer has brought the slaves almost beside himself with joy, and the ten were worshiped by them almost.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-215 Chapter