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Chapter 216

216,1. Already the next day the strongest were picked in the palaces and armed at once and practiced in the use of the weapons.

216,2. But the weaker ones were first fed for a couple of weeks so that they could recovered their strength; only then also they were trained to use the weapons.

216,3. Regarding the elderly slaves - of course of both sexes - were given lighter weapons, but they were not allowed to practice its use, but they had to care of certain domestic tasks and to look after the youth.

216,4. Daily envoys from the senior priests were sent to the ten, to see what was happening but at the same time also spies who overheard what was said here and there, if it was not of a treacherous nature.

216,5. On the third day already the ten knew exactly about such secret missions on the part of the senior priests and thus knew how to behave themselves, so that no word occurred in the whole immense army, which could be regarded by the most mistrustful senior priests as suspicious.

216,6. But the more the slaves were trained and showed their skills, the more spies were sent by the senior priests who looked and sniffed at everything what was said and done and undertaken.

216,7. This angered the ten and prompted them to go to the senior priests, where they were received with great distinction. When they were asked by the senior priests what was their important concern, they said:

216,8. "You know quite well that we ten are acting honestly and you also know how far our ingenuity and our wisdom reaches! You know how the aristocrats had to dance to our insight and our advice and to their great disadvantage; because now everyone has a few more pounds of gold in his closet, but he now also has to work for himself and eat his little bread with the sweat in his face or he must hire day workers whom he surely must pay an expensive wage.

216,9. But we have an invincible force in our hands, with which we can always empty the gold closets of the aristocrats, if we wanted to; and all their gold is as good as totally ours!

216,10. Behold, all that we have calculated and contemplated already with the redemption of slaves: 'Demand as much as you want! Today we will pay you; but tomorrow we will take the fourfold from you!'

216,11. Is this alone not a plan to your advantage which cannot be paid in gold, not to mention the great undertaking which we have in front of us?! And still are we surrounded daily by thousands of spies from your side who do not understand our fine words and then often maliciously provide you with the worst kind of news about us!

216,12. Behold, this we know quite well, and this is why we have come to you, to lay down our office before you because you do not trusts us; for one suspicion awakens another! If you don’t trust us, we do not trust you and therefore rather resign our duties so that the distrust against us will end!"

216,13. Here the senior priests began to appease the ten again, gave them valuable presents and asked them earnestly to resume their duties - and now with the benefit to continue their military exercises for another three months, and then to move out for effective service.

216,14. With that the ten were satisfied, because by that they achieved what they actually wanted, and then went back to their great army.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-216 Chapter