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Chapter 217

217,1. Thereupon the former slaves were trained for another three months and thereby reached a great dexterity in the use of the weapons.

217,2. When the ten saw that the slaves were now equally adept in handling the weapons, they dismissed the four thousand training masters and appointed captains and colonels from the ranks of the slaves themselves, to thus regulated the whole great army.

217,3. But the senior priests were not entirely happy about the fact that the ten had dismissed the four thousand trusted men; they thus had the ten asked about the reason for their action.

217,4. But the ten replied: "Because we do not want to move out into the wide world with people who you need for your own army, which would be against our plan!

217,5. In addition, the four thousand men do not really have the actual spirit and are too much used to the good life; all this is incompatible with our undertaking.

217,6. Therefore, we have dismissed them and sent back to their army. We believe thereby to have acted correctly, as we have done it all time; but should this again appear offensive to you, you are welcome to do it differently!

217,7. Give us a plan according to which we should act and the results will then teach you, what fruits your plan will bring forth! Have you not, five years ago, according to your insight sent scouts to all directions, simultaneously with us?! Why did they never came back and brought you treasures like us? - Because they have no love and loyalty to you!

217,8. But we, who always have showed you the greatest faithfulness despite all the calamities we have to endure, may only stir, and you again find a new reason to suspect us! If we ten ever experience another such move on your part, we will leave everything, and you then can do what you want!"

217,9. This response was a serious sting to the senior priests and they did not know how they should avenge it; for they did not dare to say anything further, because they were afraid to lose the conquest of the gold mountains.

217,10. But such arrogant answer should not go unpunished! But how? - About that a three-day council was held among the senior priests. But it led to no result; since everything could be an insult to the ten and thus also the loss of the gold mountains. And so the senior priests had to eventually swallow the answer, irrespective if they wanted or did not wanted it!

217,11. But they said: "The issue will not be cancelled entirely; postponed does not mean abandoned! If they will return from the expedition, they will have to taste hell a little!"

217,12. However, the ten learned about this remark from a very friendly junior priest and the ten said to themselves: "Let’s leave it at that and just ignore them! Tomorrow it will be announced that we will move out with the entire force the day after tomorrow and after a short while it will show who will be tasting hell first!"

217,13. The announcement was made the next day, with which the senior priests were very much in agreement, and on the third day at midnight the exodus began and lasted until evening; because four and a half million people make up a long train, especially if it included two hundred thousand camels and four times as many donkeys which, together with the camels were used to carry all kinds of equipment and comestibles.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-217 Chapter